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Freedom to Dream: Inaugural Session

By Jules Marie, Official ZEE JLF@Boulder Blogger Freedom to Dream is the theme of the third annual ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival in Boulder, Colorado. The inaugural session of the internationally-acclaimed literature festival opened with sacred chanting by Gaden Shartse Monks followed by inspiring remarks from festival directors and producers. Distinguished, contemporary authors from around the […]

And the Beat Goes On: Anne Waldman on the Power of Language and Social Change

Blog submitted by Lynn Grasberg “The Beat movement was not just another literary school. It was an artistic and social revolution.” – Anne Waldman The third edition of the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival at Boulder kicked off with a session featuring legendary poet Anne Waldman in conversation with Andrew Schelling. Waldman is a card-carrying, living […]

A Sting in the Tale – The Wonder of Bumblebees

By Jules Marie, Official JLF@Boulder Blogger Bee charmer Dave Goulson is zealous about educating everyone about the decline of bees, particularly bumblebees. “Bees are in trouble because of what we’ve done to them and we all need to do something to help ensure their survival. We need to look after all life on Earth,” he […]

Democracy and the Game of Thrones

By Kaity Hauge-Aldridge, Official JLF@Boulder Blogger In his opening statement on Saturday afternoon’s panel on the American political climate, writer Andrew Lam described the ridiculousness of being forced to un-friend people on Facebook. Our massively polarized political climate has created a digital echo chamber, where individuals loudly espouse unfiltered opinions, reject contradictory arguments, and filter […]

Guns and Roses – Where Have all the Roses Gone?

By Jules Marie, Official JLF@Boulder Blogger Michael Patrick MacDonald lost four of his 11 siblings to guns, crime or poverty. His brother was falsely accused of a gun crime, his mother was shot (and survived) as she was standing in the kitchen washing dishes. MacDonald faced a crisis in his young life: To be suicidal […]

Native American Writers or Writers Who Happen to be Native American?

By Annika Paradise, Official JLF@Boulder Blogger “Claiming ‘Creek’ identity is something that comes from the outside.  I am just a writer,” explained poet Jennifer Forester.  Two poets and a novelist shared their experiences, their writing processes, dispelled myths, and finally read their work to a packed room at the Steps of the Jaipur Literature Festival […]

Run Through Every Door Opened to You

by Annika Paradise, Official JLF@Boulder Blogger From surface appearances, Her Majesty the Royal Queen Mother Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck, and California girl, Carrie Morgridge, couldn’t be more different.  Yet Her Majesty in a brilliant orange traditional Bhutanese dress, held hands with the eloquent powerhouse wearing a tailored white jacket, while sharing knowing smiles of similarity […]

Technology: What Are We Clicking For?

By Debra Nicholson, Official Blogger for Jaipur Literature Festival/Boulder Are we controlling technology or is technology controlling us? Nicholas Carr, author of numerous books on the personal and cultural consequences of technology, and Gopi Kallayil, the Chief Evangelist for Brand Marketing at Google, discussed this question at the panel entitled, “Brave New World: The Digital […]

Writing Cities, Writing Secrets

By Debra Nicholson, Official JLF@Boulder Blogger Writing about a city and travel writing are two different genres. The genre of travel writing dates back hundreds of years, with Italian, Japanese, and Arab wanderers telling their tales, to name a few. To write about a city requires finding a way to capture a city’s unique elements […]

No Refuge from War Memories

By Debra Nicholson, Official JLF@Boulder Blogger War memories never die. They persist in the consciousness of the winners and the losers, and generations of survivors afterward. “All wars are fought twice, the first time on the battlefield, the second time in memory,” says Pulitzer Prize winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen. Andrew Lam, senior editor of […]

Graphic Novels: The Image and the Word

By Kaity Hauge-Aldridge, Official JLF@Boulder Blogger As a graphic designer, I am constantly faced with the ever-growing challenge of communicating with a global audience that is increasingly more and more visually minded. We operate in a world of icons, memes, and “Instagrammable” moments. But is this a product of the digital age? Or is it […]

Forever Connected: Bhutan and Boulder

By Debra Nicholson, Official JLF@Boulder Blogger Her Majesty the Royal Queen Mother Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck’s profound belief in the connections between people, across borders of time and space, has forever joined Bhutan and Boulder. Her Majesty is as gracious as you might imagine a representative of a country that measures Gross National Happiness to […]