1 - 5 February 2024 | Hotel Clarks Amer, Jaipur

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Languages 26 Indian & 20 International




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What Our Attendees Say!

Its great to see young people really interested, quite a few of them ask very intriguing questions.
Ajeet Sundaresh
At a cultural level you see a mix of India here. At intellectual level, you see a mix of fiction, nonfiction, academic and political ... a very very diversily satisfying experience
Rakshit Malik
Books and Music are two if my favourite pleasures of life, Festival that brings two of these together is just wonderful.
Nandini Swaminathan
It's not just books, it is the whole experience which makes it one of its kind. You cannot get this anywhere else!
I think that the Jaipur Literature Festival has become a literary milestone in India. I think it will be very difficult to talk about our culture, particularly our book culture, without referring to the Jaipur Literature Festival
Shashi Tharoor
We were there performing on the Jaipur Music Stage and it was magical!
Ankur Tewari
Books and music are two of my favourite pleasures in life. A festival that brings two of these ultimate forms of human expression together is just wonderful!
Nandini Swaminathan
This is an audience which likes to listen to what we have to share as authors, it likes to engage with us not only simply during the session but also afterwards when the session is over!
Kunal Basu
Literature festivals are really good because it is the only place where as a writer, you get treated like a rockstar
Sohaila Abdulali

Seeing school students, in uniform, on a Saturday, peppering esteemed journalists and politicians with erudite and wide-ranging questions was brilliant.

Meredith Curnow

The most fabulous literary love-fest on the planet.

Simon Schama

The greatest literary show on Earth.

Tina Brown

The Jaipur Literary Festival is part-circus, part-postgraduate seminar and part-revolutionary assembly.

Lawrence Norfolk