Book Launch: Small Acts of Freedom by Gurmehar Kaur

Gurmehar Kaur has a story to tell. But it’s not the story you think it is. In February 2017, Kaur, a 19-year-old student, joined a peaceful campaign after violent clashes at a Delhi University college. As part of the campaign, Kaur’s post made her the target of an onslaught of social media vitriol. The daughter… Read more »

The Writer and the World

Through the centuries, the culture of reading has nurtured and sustained human creativity and growth. Shared narratives have helped shape our world and books provide access to the accumulated knowledge of mankind. An important session that looks at ways to generate connectivities between languages, keeping the humanities relevant and supporting the infrastructure of cultural communication…. Read more »

When the Moon Shines By Day

Nayantara Sahgal’s life has been intertwined with the history of her times. Her books, which include 11 evocative novels, several powerful memoirs and collections of letters, document the coming-of-age of a nation. The recently published When the Moon Shines by Day is a slim, incisive novella set in the present and near future where drawing… Read more »


How do you take a work of prose and turn it into a screenplay? Michael Ondaatje (The English Patient), Nicholas Shakespeare (The Dancer Upstairs) and Amy Tan (The Joy Luck Club) who have all seen their novels or work turned into successful movies, discuss the process with directors Mira Nair (Monsoon Wedding), Oscar-winning screenwriter Tom… Read more »

Beyond the University: Higher Education and Development

In many parts of the world, higher education seems to be at a crossroads in search of convergence. Science of the Arts? Professional and vocational or knowledge and innovation? There is debate about the importance of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) approaches and the relevance of STEAM, which includes the vital component of Arts… Read more »

Book Launch: Na Bairi Na Koi Begana by Surendra Mohan Pathak

Pulp fiction in India has always existed independently of mainstream writing and publishing. Their readers too have somewhat occupied a space of their own. However, in the early fifties, Urdu writer Ibne Safi’s Jasoosi Duniya and Imran crime fiction series captured the imagination of one and all. In fact, even after Safi left for Pakistan… Read more »

Oceania: Yonder and Beyond

India and Australia reach out to each other from across the antipodal ends of the Indian Ocean. In an age of changing global alliances, their shared legacy, global and political history and democratic convictions form a natural partnership. A distinguished panel of Australian and Indian journalists, writers, diplomats and parliamentarians search 21st century strategies and… Read more »

Celebrating Book Covers

The challenge of eBooks has led to a revival in the aesthetics of book design. Book covers are as much a work of creative inspiration as the books themselves, with gifted designers having to be adept at interpreting writing. A session that dissects the components of the perfect book cover and the enigma of what… Read more »

Enhancing the Book

The architecture of the book is adapting and enhancing to meet the infinite possibilities of the digital world. Embedded audio, video and media content are transforming the form and function of narrative. A panel of traditionalists and the tech-fuelled, including artists, graphic designers, Instagram poets, publishers and storytellers, debate and discuss the new dimensions of… Read more »

Harishchandra for the 21st Century

The Murty Classical Library of India (MCLI), published by Harvard University Press, seeks to make India’s magnificent literary legacy from the past two millennia accessible to a world readership. Award-winning translator Vanamala Viswanatha has translated Harishchandra Kavyam, a 13th century Kannada work by Raghavanka on the commitment to truth for the MCLI. In conversation with… Read more »

Bestselling: The Indian Way

Nielsen ratings have now arrived in the Hindi market and books across the 24 Indian languages are beginning to realise their vast potential. The numbers game has begun and Indian writers are now outperforming well-known international names. A panel of eminent publishers, self-publishing successes and marketing professionals speak the how and why of Indian bestsellers.