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Rita Kothari

Rita Kothari

Rita Kothari is Professor of English at Ashoka University. A distinguished translator, Kothari is also a leading theoretician of translation studies and internationally known for books such as Translating India: The Cultural Politics of English and A Multilingual Nation. Kothari is a multilingual scholar and her translation interests are manifest in the way she moves between various languages through research and pedagogy. She also writes extensively on language politics, partition and the literary and social traditions of Gujarat and Sindh.


Shivaji: The Great Maratha

Vikrant Pande in conversation Rita Kothari

Ranjit Desai's Shriman Yogi, about the foundations of the Maratha empire and the life of its charismatic founder, the great warrior Shivaji, is a beloved classic of Marathi literature. In conversation with author and translator Rita Kothari, the prolific translator Vikrant Pande speaks about giving Ranjit Desai a new voice in English and about the continuing relevance of Shivaji.