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28 January 2021, Thursday | 7PM IST

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Natalia Lomouri

Natalia Lomouri



Natalia Lomouri and Bhupinder Aziz Pariharin conversation with Neeta Gupta

The 12th-century Georgian epic ‘Knight in the Panther's Skin’ by medieval poet Shota Rustavelli follows the adventures of a young Hindostani Prince, Tariel, as he searches for his beloved and was written originally by the poet to impress his queen. Translated into Hindi by Bhupinder Aziz Parihar, it is a tribute to the centuries-old friendship shared between Georgia and India. Watch Parihar and Georgian author Natasha Lomouri, Director of The Writer's House in Tbilisi, discuss the recent Hindi translation and the 'fictional homecoming' for the protagonist of the classic with publisher Neeta Gupta.