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  1. What are my working hours?
  2. Volunteers will be required for the duration of the festival from 8am to 8pm. Music Stage Volunteers will be required until 11pm. Volunteers for heritage events will be required from 2-11pm. Volunteers for Jaipur BookMark will be required for the duration of the event. Similarly, the volunteers for heritage events will be required only on the days of the event. They might or might not be assigned any alternative roles at the main festival venue.

    *Working hours are subject to change depending on the responsibility assigned.

  3. Can I attend sessions while volunteering?
  4. Volunteering forZEE Jaipur Literature Festival is a full-time commitment. Please refrain from seeking permission from your team leaders and volunteer coordinators for watching a session. If your intent to volunteer is to attend sessions, we suggest that you attend the festival as a member of the audience. Seats are not allocated for volunteers. Some volunteer roles involve being based at session venues and/or with a view of the sessions from time to time but it is important to remember that you are still working.

  5. What is the period of commitment?
  6. Volunteers will be required to attend a 3-4 day training workshop prior to the Festival. The Festival itself takes place over 5 days. There is a closing get together for volunteers on the day after the end of the festival. In total, the commitment period will run for 9-10 days.

  7. Is there a dress code?
  8. Volunteers are expected to wear smart casual attire. The Festival Jacket and the badge must be worn by all volunteers at all times during their working hours. Ripped jeans, slippers, T-shirts with quotes, flashy colours will not be allowed. Practical shoes are a must as you will be on your feet. Volunteers should always be dressed in a presentable manner and maintain personal hygiene as they are the representatives of the Festival.

  9. As a volunteer what areas do I have access to?
  10. Volunteers have access to the sub-venues at the festival venue where sessions take place. Only volunteers of certain departments (Author Liaison, Lounge Management, F&B) will have access to author and delegate lounges. Volunteers are not allowed by the poolside dinner area. A dedicated Volunteer Lounge will exclusively provide volunteers with meals and refreshments.

  11. Can I take a break to meet my friends during the Festival?
  12. Volunteering for ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival is a full-time commitment and thus we advise you against such actions. We can guarantee that you’ll make plenty of new friends while working at the festival.

  13. Can I take leave during the festival?
  14. It is mandatory for all volunteers to be present during the times/dates required. Hence, we advise volunteers not to take leave during the training and the Festival.The certificate will only be awarded if the volunteer attends all days of the training and the Festival. Anyone failing to do so will not receive the certificate.

  15. What meals will I be provided?
  16. Volunteers are provided lunch during training and the Festival. Light refreshments will also be available throughout the day. We recommend that all volunteers carry fruits, light snacks and water bottles for the training and the Festival.

  17. Can I leave if I don’t like it?
  18. Yes, you are under no obligation to keep volunteering if you don’t enjoy the experience. However, it is always worth talking to somebody about this first. This could be a volunteer coordinator, supervisor or someone in the organisation who is responsible for you. You can discuss why you feel unhappy and what you feel would improve your time as a volunteer. It is also something you may want to talk about with other volunteers. Give yourself a chance to understand the role and work ethics. As the Festival progresses, you will be able to understand your job and develop a bond with your team. Try and give it your 100% and absorb all that you can during the volunteering experience.

  19. What will I receive after the completion of my volunteer work?
  20. You will receive a certificate of appreciation acknowledging your work. There is no financial remuneration for volunteers.

  21. My friend is also volunteering, can we be assigned to the same department?
  22. A key offering of volunteering at ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival is that you get to meet a variety of people from different backgrounds. The idea behind this is to get to know new people, socialise and create bonds. We usually do not assign friends and family members in the same departments unless they are best suited for the same roles.

  23. Can I smoke during my volunteer duty hours?
  24. The venue is a no smoking zone and we do not encourage smoking or drinking during volunteering hours. The volunteer must be fully aware of his/her conduct at all times and should not indulge in any activity that could compromise the image/reputation of the Festival.

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