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Pepita Seth

Pepita Seth

Pepita Seth has spent four decades documenting Kerala’s Hindu rituals, taking seven years to chronicle the complexities of Guruvayur, Kerala’s most famous temple, and producing Heaven on Earth: The Universe of Kerala’s Guruvayur Temple. She has now spent 15 years working on Theyyam, living with the practitioners and their families, recording their lives and rituals.


Heaven on Earth: The Universe of Kerala's Guruvayur Temple

Pepita Seth in conversation with Anupama Raju

Writer and photographer Pepita Seth’s book, Heaven on Earth: The Universe of Kerala's Guruvayur Temple, is a vivid and detailed account of the almost tangible sanctity that pervades Guruvayur Temple, its unique and elaborate traditions and the dominating presence of Guruvayurappan, the Lord of Guruvayur: Krishna. The book, which includes exquisite photographs, follows the temple’s unceasing rituals, detailing its divine origins, it's elaborate festivals, the complexity of its poojas and the overwhelming devotion that centres on Lord Krishna. In conversation with Anupama Raju.