The Magic Word

dear everyone,
no one.
no one taught you the magic word.
some one should ve taught you.

when in 2nd grade, the boy who sat next to you said you weren’t pretty,

someone should’ve taught you,
when in grade 5, your class teacher chided you for laughing too loud, because it wasn’t becoming of a woman,

someone should’ve taught you,
when you were 6, with a broken nose, maa told you hush up because boys don’t cry,

someone should’ve taught you.
when the she in your life told you, you weren’t marriage material,

someone should’ve taught you,
when he said he needed more out of this relationship and you just wouldn’t do,
someone should’ve taught you
to say it.

god you should’ve said no.
because trust me, not saying no when you feel no is a public offence.
because trust me, nothing kills self like killing your no.
because trust me, this is not a bargain,
there are no diplomatic negotiations,
this is your life,
so say it.

on all those days when the big bad wolf tries to blow your house down,
say no,
to the beasts in your workplaces asking for sexual favours,
say no,
to honourable men in honourable white turbans giving you licences to fall in love,
say no,
to people killing people,
people mutilating people,
people hating people,
for love or greed or power,
say no,
to peacemakers waging wars,
lawmakers breaking rules,
say no,
to girl clothes, toys for boys,
and all those fashion malls with stereotypes on sale.
say no,
to the man on the bus who followed you home last night.
say no,
to the girl who cheated on you for the sixth time, this Friday, and asked for a seventh chance,
say no,
to sadness and depression and misery because god its so beautiful outside, and you are too young to die,
say no,
to giving up and backing down and falling apart and losing yourself,
say no,
to anyone who ever told you, you were less than what you are,
a star,
a freaking superstar.
be it,
be your own goddamn Khaleesi,
break your chains,
free yourself.
and remember no one else is your sun and stars,
you are.

so teach your kids,
when they are taught in pre school the magic words,

how to please people
and how to feel sorry.
teach them
to say no.
to things/ people they don’t like,
to things/ people they don’t need,
and to things/ people they don’t want.
just like someone should’ve taught you.

the magic word.
so the next time, you meet a non believer,
someone who doesn’t believe in your magic or dismisses your potential or steals your wind,
just flick your wand and say the magic word.

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