Creation and Destruction, Art, Politics and the Worlds of Islam

Molly Crabapple in conversation with William Dalrymple ‘My father always told me to question authority and be interesting,’ states artist and author Molly Crabapple during her conversation with William Dalrymple at ZEE JLF at Boulder, Colorado. ‘Interesting’ would be an understated adjective to describe the experiences Crabapple has lived and depicted through her drawings and… Read more »

The Meaning of Everything

Simon Winchester in conversation with William Dalrymple Simon Winchester is the right person to discuss the “Theory of Everything”, seeing that his books all approach the most mammoth of subjects in enterprise. Very significant amongst them has been a set of historical biographies that tells the story of the writing of the Oxford English Dictionary…. Read more »

Clarks Amer: Evening Music Program – 23rd January 2015

Legendary Sufi master Sain Zahoor had made the journey from his native Pakistan to grace the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival with his spiritual set for the third night of music at Clarks Amer. Zahoor explained that through his music, he attempted to cultivate a direct connection with God, and he certainly deeply stirred the audience with his effortless, soulful voice. Zahoor’s minimal accompanists… Read more »

Footloose: Nicholas Shakespeare, Isabella Tree, Robyn Davidson And Cheryl Strayed, Moderated By William Dalrymple

The much-admired group of travel writers read extracts from their books, and the eclectic mix of styles itself demonstrated the fluidity of the genre of ‘travel writing’. The readings also demonstrated that travel writing is at heart about storytelling. Nicholas Shakespeare read from Bruce Chatwin, his biography on one of the most famous travel writers of all time, and… Read more »

Jesus The Man, Jesus The Politician: Reza Aslan, A. N. Wilson, Moderated By William Dalrymple

Festival Director William Dalrymple steered a fantastic session with A N Wilson and Reza Aslan on the life and times of the most famous man arguably to have lived. The jam-packed audience on the Front Lawns listened attentively as the panelists portrayed Jesus as a man of flesh and blood, and importantly, a product of his time. Aslan, internationally acclaimed writer… Read more »

Dispensable Nation – Afghanistan After The US Withdrawal: Barnett Rubin, Ben Anderson, Mark Mazzetti, Moderated By William Dalrymple

William Dalrymple introduced the subject of this session with the question looming over everyone’s head: what is going to happen in Afghanistan once the US troops withdraw? Mark Mazzetti started by joking “I have to say it’s amazing you have to come to Jaipur to hear about American strategy because you don’t hear about it in Washington,”… Read more »