Initiations: Writing Race

Kayo Chingonyi and Nikesh Shukla in conversation with Prajwal Parajuly By Malavika Subramanyan Earlier this year, Zambian-born British poet Kayo Chingonyi was awarded the International Dylan Thomas prize for his debut collection Kumukanda, and Nikesh Shukla published his third book, The One Who Wrote Destiny. They sat down for an hour’s conversation with writer Prajwal… Read more »

Girls Are Coming Out Of The Woods

Tishani Doshi introduced by Janice Pariat By Malavika Subramanyan “If you want to know the truth, find the poets” ~ Find The Poets, Tishani Doshi Day 1 at ZEE JLF at The British Library culminated in a powerful performance of poetry and dance by novelist, dancer, and poet Tishani Doshi. Introduced by writer Janice Pariat,… Read more »

Julia Donaldson: On Page, On Stage and On Screen

180127-SAMV-075-JuliaDonaldson (1)

Julia Donaldson, Daryl Shute and Malcolm Donaldson in conversation with Nupur Paiva Medhavi Dhyani, Official ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger   In a session that delighted children and adults alike, renowned children’s writer Julia Donaldson brought to life one of the most endearing children’s stories of all time – The Gruffalo. The session was an… Read more »

The Sword of Poetry

Vijay Fafat

Explore the relationship between poetry and political protest in the 21st century. A pen in rebellion signs its symbols for the ages; history has lived up to this maxim. Revolutionary literature, down the ages, has lit matches to the tinder of popular discontent and simmering uprisings. The flourish of writing in the form of incendiary… Read more »

Relationship between protest and poetry in the 21st century


I consider protest a romantic undertaking for a reason. Like idealism ,utopia or perhaps, love, it envisions the breaking of barriers and a call to the Pacific of passion for giving oneself up to an idea, a notion – ripe, comical and curtailed. The pertinence of art forms like poetry in nourishing everything romantic, over… Read more »

My Poetry Is A Battle Cry

Shruti Sonal

I have been told countless number of times, That my poetry doesn’t rhyme anymore It doesn’t have any fixed metre or rhythm It cannot be neatly classified Into stanzas of four lines each. I have been told That my poetry doesn’t rhyme anymore It lacks the punctuations at the right places It is not perfect,… Read more »


Medhavi Dhyani

If their power erected sky high on the foundations of oppression and injustice is the iron they will shamelessly relentlessly ruthlessly forge the bars of our cages with, bind us with helplessness as they trample on all our truths and hail this as our inherent tragedy, then we will persistently ferociously fearlessly endlessly scream and… Read more »

Clean Slates

Kaja runwal

I think of being a mother sometimes. Of nurturing humans like they were tender saplings. Plenty of sunlight and enough water. I will sow two seeds. For two breeds: a girl and a boy! And I will be an unconventional mother. I will raise him pink and shall raise her blue. No hand-me-downs of gender… Read more »

Biswa: A Cowboy’s Tale / Tail

Bishweshwar Das

Biswa is a good Indian boy, a fifteen year old with dreamy eyes and straight yet unruly hair parted exactly in the middle after a good amount of castor oil’s hopelessness Biswa has been told that the cow is as holy as a mother so he swallows his arguments with his own and hides his… Read more »


Archita Mittra (3)

we burn bleed sing drown dream as ourselves as others as victims as martyrs as enemies sometimes as trees we breathe poison & call it love or some silly pretext talk about our hearts as if they exist outside us without us in neat sterilized packets hanging like fruits we talk about our homes as… Read more »

To the Un-United States: A Question

Aditya Sinha

It was best like this My friend tells me a beautiful story Of how she released hatching turtles into the water as a child. Tells me they have some geomagnetic detection Tells me these baby turtles come back to the same beach to give birth again. A cyclical nursery made of sandcastles, I cannot help… Read more »


Ravi renveera

सियासत–कविता का संबंध भारत–पाक जैसा– सियासत और साहित्य की कभी जमी नही। सियासत हुकुमत करना नहीं भूलता और साहित्य हुकुमत की हजामत करने में कसर नहीं छोड़ता! यहां एक बात कहना चाहता हूं कि, पॉलिटिक्स मतलब केवल नेतागिरी नहीं बल्कि सक्रिय राजनीति से हटकर समाज के बारे में सोचना व काम करना भी राजनीति ही… Read more »