What the Doctor Ordered: Prescriptive Economics and the Science of Uncertainty

The Google Mughal Tent did not know what to expect when one of the world’s preeminent scholars and writers on unpredictability, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, took to the stage. Taleb began the session by talking about ‘systems collapse,’ particularly about the necessity for building ‘antifragile’ systems: systems that benefit rather than suffer from uncertainty and mistakes…. Read more »

War, Politcs and the Novel

‘I owe money to a guy in my village, please pay him’. These and other simple words were poignant examples of letters written by soldiers from the Indian subcontinent, serving in the British Army during WWI. Author Kamila Shamshie wrote her novel A God in Every Stone about a forgotten chapter in the annals of the great war.She was deeply affected… Read more »

History Strikes Back And The Collapse Of Globalism: Hubert Vedrine In Conversation With John Ralston Saul

Important aspects of governance, economics and democracy were debated in an engaging session between two renowned intellectuals. Hubert Vedrine, author of History Strikes Back, and JohnRalston Saul, President of PEN International. The pair discussed evolving economies all over the world, looking at the impact of globalization and applying European theories – such as Fukuyama’s idea of the ‘End of the History’ –… Read more »

The Library at Night

“And I was told that readers were disappearing’, exclaimed an overjoyed Alberto Manguel, the renowned Argentinean writer and editor, on finding a packed audience sheltered under the Google Mughal Tent,despite the heavy rainfall of the day. The writer enraptured the audience in the Rajasthan Patrika session with tales of his lifelong affair with literature and the hidden stories which… Read more »

Seven Deadly Sins In Our Time

Under the cool blue shade of the floral Google Mughal Tent, the opening session of Day 1 introduced one of this year’s Festival themes, The Seven Deadly Sins. ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival’s co-director Namita Gokhale introduced the session as a deliberation on changing ethics and perceptions of sin, and the sometimes contradictory attitudes towards sin within Indian and… Read more »

Reimagining Partition: Vishwajyoti Ghosh, Ahmad Rafay Alam, Urvashi Butalia In Conversation With Indrajit Hazra

The audience was invited to remember Partition in 1947, which resulted in the largest mass migration in human history with 12 million migrating over just a few months, and to consider if it was different in kind from the 1983 killings of Bengalis, the killings of Sikhs during the reign of Indira Gandhi, the anti-Muslim… Read more »

Geographies Of Reading – Contexting The Indian Reader: Vivek Tejuja, Aditi Maheshwari, R.Sarvapriya And Paul Yamazaki In Conversation With Mita Kapur

With all hands on deck to keep festival goers in the spirit of things despite the rain, this session enlightened book lovers with a behind-the-scenes look at the book industry’s readership, revealing some of the mechanisms behind readership in the subcontinent, recent changes in the readership population in India, and its effects on the publishing… Read more »

Elephants In The Room – India And Its Neighbours: Kazi Anis Ahmed, Ahmad Rafay Alam, Lily Wangchhuk, Aunohita Mojumdar In Conversation With Neelam Deo

A power panel explored the social and political workings of the countries bordering India, namely Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The discussion ranged from elections and political portraits to the role of the media and involvement of the youth and middle class in social change, as well as India’s position as a strategically important neighbour…. Read more »

The Immortals: Amish Tripathi In Conversation With Meru Gokhale

Million dollar author of the Shiva trilogy, Amish Tripathi was greeted by a loud round of applause by the audience at the Google Mughal tent as he entered the platform for his session. Tripathi began by saying that he had always wanted to be historian but history wasn’t a wise option. He worked in the banking industry for 14 years, since he… Read more »