Okay, I am happy to admit it up-front: before I was invited to attend the Jaipur Literature Festival – JLF – (note: not ‘literary’, not ‘writers’) in India I had never even heard of it. I assumed that it was probably some modest local event, spiced up a little by bringing in some foreign authors to add… Read more »

Breaking Free: A New Kind of Beautiful

  • Arinnya Mukherjee, Official ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger
  • Jan 28, 2019
  • 2019, Author, Blog, Bloggers

Manisha Koirala, Germaine Greer, Madhavi Menon, and Sonal Mansingh in conversation with Sharad Paul Questioning the age-old paradigms of female beauty, the session broke stereotypes and ideals of beauty spread by popular media, many of which have left women captive to deep-rooted psychological constraints. Moderator Sharad P. Paul, a skin cancer specialist, evolutionary biologist, storyteller,… Read more »

What is Not Said: Celebrating the Short Story

Divya Vijay, Jan Carson, NS Madhavan and Uday Prakash moderated by Paul McVeigh Stories are everywhere and “we are partly made of stories”. Short stories run a huge mile and can provide anything from “momentary bliss” to “motivation” that can last a lifetime, declared moderator, novelistand short story writer Paul McVeigh.McVeigh, whose debut novelThe Good… Read more »

Uday Prakash: The Road Not Taken

Uday Prakash in conversation with Saurabh Dwivedi Rajen mila chand Mughal Tent रोबर्ट फोर्स्ट ने अपनी एक कविता में लिखा कि हमारे पास हर वक़्त दो रास्ते हैं किस पर किस को जाना है ये पथिक को चुनना होता है। जबकि ये दोनों ही रास्ते जंगलों में जाकर ख़त्म होते हैं। रोबर्ट फोर्स्ट की कविता… Read more »

Book Launch – Every Vote Counts: The Story of Elections in India by

Navin Chawla in conversation with N. Ram  At the twelfth ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival, Writer and Chief Election Commissioner of India, Navin Chawla, launched his new book, Every Vote Counts: The Story Of Elections in India.   Padma Bhushan Narasimhan Ram, veteran journalist and winner of the Sri Lanka Ratna, started by asking Chawla about… Read more »

Shyam: Retelling the Bhagavata

Devdutt Pattanaik introduced by Ira Mukhoty  Entering its twelfth edition, the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival welcomed India’s veteran mythologist DevduttPattanaik. Famous for his interpretations of ancient Indian scriptures and stories, the author revealed thatJaya: An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata was“the book which made me popular.”   Pattanaik commenced his address by playing a song… Read more »

Festival Directors’ Roundtable

Ahdaf Soueif, AjitBaral, AjitPradhan, Anant Vijay, AnvitaPradhan, Cherilyn Parsons, David McWilliams, Emmanuel Delloye, Geoffrey Taylor, Isabelle Delloye, Jane McCredie, JanhaviPrasada, JayapriyaVasudevan, Juergen Boos, Marieke Hardy, Mary Therese Kurkalang, MeenakshiAlimchandani, Mita Kapur, NamitaDevidayal, NamitaGokhale, Neelesh Misra, NirupamaKotru, Oliver Møystad, Omar Robert Hamilton, Pariksith Singh, Paul McVeigh, Pravin Sharma, Preeti Gill, Raghav Chandra, RimaHooja, Sabin Iqbal, Sian… Read more »