Culture and Continuity: Sites of Memory

Kishwar Desai, Suhair Khan, Matt Reed and Roly Keating in conversation with Sanjoy K. Roy, introduced by Jamie Andrews Anusha Ali, Official ZEE JLF At The British Library Blogger The British Library was the perfect setting for this fascinating exploration of the re-telling and re-interpretation of history in the modern world. Chief Executive Roly Keating… Read more »

ये जो इतिहास है…

180127-BAIT-085-ItihasTranslatingHistoricalFiction (2)

By Urmila Gupta, Official Zee Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger ज़ी जयपुर साहित्योत्सव के तीसरे दिन “इतिहास : ट्रांसलेटिंग हिस्टोरिकल फिक्शन” ने ‘इतिहास कल्पना’ की श्रेणी पर कई सवालों का जवाब ढूंढने की कोशिश की| सत्र में चर्चा के लिए मौजूद थे अभिजीत कोठारी, रीटा कोठारी और विक्रांत पांडे, जिनके साथ चर्चा की त्रिदिप सुहृद ने|… Read more »



Devdutt Pattanaik introduced by Amita Tripathi   By Rushati Mukherjee, Official ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger   Like a master storyteller, Devdutt Pattanaik illustrates his arguments with ornamental stories but explains them with pin-point precision. His mischievous references to contemporary issues make the crowd laugh, and his laughter makes them laugh harder. At a jam-packed… Read more »

The Pleasures and Perfections of Sanskrit


James Mallinson, S.R. Bhatt and Sudha Gopalakrishnan in conversation with Vikram Chandra   Harish Alagappa, Official ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger   ‘Sanskrit’ literally translates to ‘refined, or well-ordered, speech’, which is a rather apt description of a language loved by linguists around the world for its near-perfect structure and organization. In the words of… Read more »

Of Saffron and the Sangha


Manmohan Vaidya and Dattatreya Hosabale in conversation with Pragya Tiwari   Prachi Bhagwat, Official ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger   Since its inception in 1925, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has been banned four times. Yet, it enjoys the support of millions of Indians and occupies the position of the ‘largest voluntary organisation in the… Read more »

The Unravelling: High Hopes and Missed Opportunities in Iraq


Emma Sky, Robert F. Worth and Hardeep Singh Puri in conversation with Jonathan Shainin   By Sitamsini Cherukumalli, Official ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival 2017 Blogger   ‘Iraq is the unwanted child of a negligent occupation,’ said Ambassador Hardeep Singh Puri, who served as the President of the UN Security Council twice, and was on stage… Read more »



Anita Anand and William Dalrymple in conversation with Swapan Dasgupta   Rahul Nair, Official Zee Jaipur Literature Festival 2017 Blogger   Diamonds are forever, but the Kohinoor is timeless: a stone that has reached mythic status in folklore, crossing over from the merely expensive to the invaluable. Since 1751, when the first ‘solid reference to… Read more »