Coleridge And The Ancient Mariner: Richard Holmes Moderated By Rupleena Bose

It was “water, water, everywhere” on the final day of the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival but a little rain wasn’t going to stop Richard Holmes from sharing his passion for Coleridge at the relocated Front Lawns. The respected British academic welcomed the morning rain, recognizing the importance of this resource to the Rajasthan state, and went on to link this preamble… Read more »

Blue Planet, Green Earth: Shekar Pathak And Suman Sahai In Conversation With Ahmad Rafay Alam

“We are all one people, born from the same earth. Inherently, we are all ecologists, we know our resources, we know how to sustain them, we also know how to deplete them.” So began the man from the mountains, Shekhar Pathak, Vice President of the World Mountain People Association, who lives in the Himalayas amidst what he claims… Read more »