The View From Raisina Hill

Meghnad Desai, Suhel Seth, Dinesh Patnaik and John Elliott in conversation with Mukulika Bannerjee  By Malavika Subramanyan In Lord Meghnad Desai’s new book The Raisina Model, he examines the nature and workings of Indian parliamentary democracy, which is unique among the parliamentary democracies of the world. In his opening remarks, Desai addressed the question of… Read more »

The Day of the Dragon:China and the Future of Asia

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Humphrey Hawksley, Michael Vatikiotis and Tom Miller in conversation with Suhasini Haidar Ishan Kawley, Official Zee Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger Moderator and diplomatic editor of the newspaper The Hindu, Suhasini Haider rolled out the session by announcing that China is such a strong force to reckon with, that the topic of the session could well… Read more »

The Three Zeros

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Muhammad Yunus in conversation with Mihir S. Sharma Presented by Aga Khan Foundation   Ishan Kawley, Official ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger   Muhammad Yunus needs no introduction. A Nobel laureate who founded the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh and thus pioneered the micro-finance industry, was at ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival speaking about his new book… Read more »

A World of Disruptions


Emma Sky, Ha-Joon Chang, Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Sadaf Saaz in conversation with Patrick French   By Official ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival Guest Blogger Jules Evans   Disruptive events are the new normal, according to a panel of thinkers at the Jaipur Literature Festival. And it will continue to be an unstable global system unless… Read more »

Of Black Swans and Intellectual Fallacies


Nassim Nicholas Taleb in conversation with David McWilliams    By Jules Evans, Official ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival 2017 Blogger   There is a worldwide rebellion against the incompetence of experts, according to Nassim Nicholas Taleb, polymath author of Black Swan and Anti-Fragile. ‘People are fed up with serial incompetence’, said Taleb at the ZEE Jaipur… Read more »