Resurgence of Print


Anantha Padmanabhan, Ian de Toffoli, Manisha Chaudhary and Rick Simonson, moderated by Arpita Das By Sonal Sharma, Official ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger     Imagine a world without bookshops and libraries, without print, without the physical presence of the written word. Would anyone want to live there? In an invigorating discussion at Jaipur Bookmark,… Read more »

The Page is Mightier than the Screen


Alan Hollinghurst, David Hare, Neil Jordan and Richard Flanagan in conversation with Chandrahas Choudhury    By Arjun Bhatia, Official ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger   The onslaught of digital media in the last decade has made printed fiction an endangered species. With technology redefining entertainment experiences at break-neck speeds, and a glut of content competing… Read more »