Anil’s Ghost

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Michael Ondaatje in conversation with Chandrahas Choudhury By Archita Mittra, Official ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger Sri Lankan-born Canadian author, editor and filmmaker Michael Ondaatje needs little introduction. Yet despite being one of the most celebrated writers of contemporary times, the Man Booker Prize winner still feels that he is one of those “doubtful” writers,… Read more »

Not the Nine O’Clock News

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Matt Frei, Odd Harald Hauge, Pavan K. Varma, Ruchira Gupta, and Sujatha Gidla in conversation with Seema Sirohi By Bhavika Bhuwalka, Official ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger   According to senior journalist Seema Sirohi, the definition of ‘burning issue’ changes with each individual, and it may not or may not be reflected by what the… Read more »

The Fictional Leap

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Kiran Nagarkar in conversation with Vivek Shanbhag   By Ishan Kawley, Official ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger   Kiran Nagarkar feels he is not popular. In earlier interviews, he has stated that he cannot inspire readers. This self-deprecating assessment was proven utterly wrong as people flocked to ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival to listen to him… Read more »

‘कल्पना की डोर’

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ज़ी जयपुर साहित्योत्सव के पांचवें दिन “द फिक्शनल लीप” सत्र में किरण नागरकर से विवेक शानबाग़ ने बात की| किरण नागरकर भारतीय उपन्यासकार, नाटककार, फिल्म व ड्रामा क्रिटिक और स्क्रीनराइटर हैं| वो मराठी और अंग्रेजी दोनों भाषाओँ में लिखते हैं| किरण आजादी के बाद के महत्वपूर्ण लेखकों में एक हैं| उनके उल्लेखनीय कामों में ‘सात… Read more »

The Feminine Gaze: Women Writing Memoir:

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Abeer Y. Hoque, Alia Malek, Amy Tan and Juliet Nicolson in conversation with Keggie Carew by Archita Mittra, Official Zee Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger Memoir writing is a powerful medium to articulate private traumas and histories that have never been told, and cannot – or should not – be fictionalized. It is therefore arguably an… Read more »

The People Next Door

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Sujeev Shakya, Ma Thida, Tenzing Lamsang, Praveen Swami in conversation with T.C.A. Raghavan By Sonal Sharma, Official ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival 2018 Blogger For any country to grow, it is imperative that its neighborhood grows alongside it. India has had rather complex yet progressive relationships with most of its neighbors. In a session with experts… Read more »

वो भी क्या दिन थे

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ByDevendraUpadhyay, OfficialZEE Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger अक्सर हम ये पढ़ते या सुनते रहते हैं कि जहांगीर का समय चित्रकला का स्वर्णयुग था, शाहजहाँ का काल वास्तुकला का स्वर्णयुग था आदि, परंतु यदि भारतीय सिनेमा में लिखे गीतों की बात की जाये तो निःसंदेह पहला ख्याल 50 और 60 के दशक के गीतों का ही आता… Read more »

Manhunt: Pakistan and the Search for Bin Laden

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Adrian Levy, Cathy Scott-Clark, Peter Bergen and T.C.A. Raghavan in conversation with Suhasini Haidar   By Arjun Bhatia, Official ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger A team of US Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden on May 2, 2011, following a decade-long operation hunting the world’s most wanted terrorist. The ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival brought together… Read more »

The Joy Luck Club

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Amy Tan in conversation with Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi Presented by the Telegraph By Akunth, Official Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger Amy Tan is not your ordinary author. She makes marijuana milkshakes, buys leather outfits from BDSM stores, takes her puppies to the White House and is part of a rock band. She is infinite shades of… Read more »

The Rosogolla Wars

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Ajoy Bose, Arunava Sinha, Sanjoy K. Roy, Sudeep Chakravarti, Swapan Dasgupta in conversation with Sampurna Chattarji By Hemal Thakker, Official ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger   What defines Bengali identity? The ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival hosted an esteemed panel of Bengalis as they debated, discussed and reminisced on what it meant and means to be… Read more »

A Space for Liberty: Face to Face with Leïla Slimani

Leïla Slimani and Nicholas Idier in conversation with Amitava Kumar By Akunth, Official ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger Leïla Slimani became the most-read author in France in 2016 with her novel Chanson Douce. The book, which won her the French literary award Prix Goncourt, has been translated into over 17 languages. This year, it will be… Read more »

The Frontline Club

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Adrian Levy, Carlo Pizzati, Jeffery Gettleman, Peter Bergen and Suki Kim in conversation with Suhasini Haidar By Medhavi Dhyani, Official ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger As representatives of the transforming world of journalism, five eminent foreign correspondents brought to bear some of the burning issues facing frontline journalism in present times. The session saw the… Read more »