Why the Future of Free Speech Depends On India


Timothy Garton Ash in conversation with Salil Tripathi   By Apekshita Varshney, ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival Official Blogger   The horrors of censorship are rarely felt instantaneously. Often, rights are infringed upon piecemeal, until eventually people become accustomed to the status quo, almost oblivious to the changes they have undergone. British historian, author, and Professor… Read more »

The Secret History of Capitalism


Ha-Joon Chang introduced by Sanjeev Sanyal   Apekshita Varshney, Official ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger   It’s a strange world we are living in. The Chinese Premier is talking about globalisation and the new President of the United States is speaking of protectionism. President Trump is the talk of the season, and everyone wants to… Read more »