Devendra Upadhyay

There is no such thing as nature – we are nature. Does talking about ‘the environment’ create an unhelpful distinction between people and planet? “पर्यावरण हर वह चीज़ है जो मैं नहीं हूँ” । महान वैज्ञानिक अल्बर्ट आइंस्टीन ने जब ये कहा था तो उस वक़्त उनका पर्याय शायद ये था कि मनुष्य व प्रकृति… Read more »

The Sword of Poetry

Vijay Fafat

Explore the relationship between poetry and political protest in the 21st century. A pen in rebellion signs its symbols for the ages; history has lived up to this maxim. Revolutionary literature, down the ages, has lit matches to the tinder of popular discontent and simmering uprisings. The flourish of writing in the form of incendiary… Read more »

dear kid

Swastika Jajoo

dear kid, you’re alright on the days you feel like a girl and dress up like a girl, even if they tell you you’re meant to be a boy. if they tell you that no one will kiss boys who dress like girls and wear lipstick, assume they know nothing about kissing. you’re alright on… Read more »

The Hyderabadi Ragpickers

Lokesh Kaza

Ratna knew he could not hold his breath in the murky waters for longer than a minute. He surfaced with whatever he could retrieve and passed it on to Diwakar. It would take him some time to go back into the lake. He sat beside his friend, coughing and gasping for breath. Diwakar had been… Read more »


Soumya Sreehari

Atul pondered on his lesson plan for tomorrow. He was affected by yesterday’s incident and wanted to do something. He couldn’t come up with any idea that would address the situation without sounding preachy. Finally, he decided to sleep on it. Atul was a teacher. As part of the foundation he worked with, he had… Read more »

Gender fluidity, Literature and Ancient India

Soumya Mahalakshmi

Inspired by Devdutt Pattanaik In the ancient world of exuberant natural beauty amidst green, teeming vines and lithe deers, Lord Krishna dances an enraptured dance with the Gopis. The other Gods watch in an enchanted trance, to the extent that Lord Shiva takes the form of a woman to dance with him. In retrospect, this… Read more »


Sonal Sharma

they tell me to have shame run back to your mother no better hide shame too late now its that time of the month again shame don’t enter the kitchen or cook for yourself shame sleep on the floor so your husband doesn’t force himself on you because he is right but youre just not… Read more »

The Gender Identity Scrapbook

Noah Pelletier

It’s been interesting to look through these old photos this afternoon, as when I was a boy—I mean, a person with Binary Code 1 genitalia—things were totally different. Clothes for instance. My genetic benefactors dressed me in blue outfits so strangers in the grocery store wouldn’t ask “Is it a boy or a girl?” I… Read more »

Will the 21st century see the end of gender identity ?

Prachi Bhagwat JLF Blog 2

In February of 1933, Sane Guruji, a popular writer of children’s stories, imprisoned in the Nashik jail, spent five nights writing a story that would achieve canonical status almost instantly as the ultimate ode to motherly love. The story, titled Shyamchi Aai (Marathi for Shyam’s Mother) transports its reader to the Konkan region in Maharashtra… Read more »

Relationship between protest and poetry in the 21st century


I consider protest a romantic undertaking for a reason. Like idealism ,utopia or perhaps, love, it envisions the breaking of barriers and a call to the Pacific of passion for giving oneself up to an idea, a notion – ripe, comical and curtailed. The pertinence of art forms like poetry in nourishing everything romantic, over… Read more »

Will the 21st century see the end of gender identity?

Niharika verma

For millennia, mankind has been fascinated by the duality of Mother Nature. For day, there is night; for dark, there is light. Up and down, good and evil, sadness and happiness, and so on. In short, humans have compartmentalized almost everything in the world into two neat little boxes and in the process, created a… Read more »