“Can women be fully empowered without partly disempowering men?”

Rukhmabai Raut,1864-1955, was the first woman to practice medicine in British India. She was also the first woman to oppose the institution of child marriage, herself having been married off to a nineteen-year-old Dadaji Bhikaji at the age of eleven. When taken to court, Rautdeclared that she preferred to stay in jail for six months… Read more »

Waiting for her Knight: Gender Stereotypes in Fairytales

Our childhoods are drenched in pretty princesses, courageous knights, evil witches and magical creatures. Fairytales are oftenthe very first kind of literature that young readers are acquainted with, andas such, the first place where children first encounter the differences between “male” and “female”. Why do we give books to children? Common answers to that question… Read more »


I will be convinced that technology is a Frankenstein’s monster the day I send a kiss to a loved one through a rubber pad, as the Kissenger promises to facilitate. But I will perhaps also be a grateful user of this technology, which adds a tactile element to the aural communication of the telephone, and… Read more »

Can women be fully empowered without disempowering men?

This topic brought to my mind two opposing pieces of literature that I had recently read – a book called Princess about life of a Saudi princess, another an article on the domestic life of boxing champion Mary Kom. They could not be more poles apart. I will primarily be talking about the book and… Read more »

Climate Change— The way forward

In the over 10000 years of human existence on our planet, the past 300 years have been most significant in changing our daily life for the better. Advancements in scientific technology have made it possible for us to travel farther, commute faster, interact with communities across the globe and made goods produced all over the… Read more »

What will it take forus to take climate change seriously?

Clamor around climate change has increased in manifold ways over the last few years, courtesy of relentless efforts by environmental organizations. It should continue to do so, and rapidly so, coupled with actionable steps to mitigate and adapt, if we are to have a shot at salvaging the crisis that we have created. Climate change… Read more »

Can women be fully empowered without partly disempowering men?

Anusha and her younger brother, Aniket, were on an equal playing field. Besides the elementary awareness that Anusha was a girl and Aniket was a boy, the siblings grew up in an ecosystem that was gender blind. In their formative years at home, both had neatly defined roles in sharing domestic chores. While Aniket made… Read more »