After Trainspotting

Irvine Welsh in conversation with Chandrahas Choudhury Although he’s primarily known for writing the cult classic Trainspotting, Scottish author Irvine Welsh has worn the many and varied hats of fiction author, playwright, screen writer, actor, DJ, and punk rocker,over the course of his highly eventful life. Welsh thanked the audience for turning up for an… Read more »

Sanskrit, Greek and Latin: A Tale of Three Sisters

Dhruv Raj Sharma CEO of Logophilia Education, the world’s only etymology education organisation, Dhruv Raj Sharma took a class from the Samvad stage at the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival, on the joys and unexpected learnings to be gleaned from studying etymology. In his work with Logophilia Education, Sharma advocates the teaching of vocabulary to school… Read more »

The Jewish Novel

André Aciman, Simon Sebag Montefiore, and Tova Reich in conversation with Zachary Leader Presented by Dainik Charbagh The Jewish diaspora have carved out a unique identity for themselves over the centuries, which has allowed for the creation of some truly unique voices and narratives. Expert proponents of these voices gathered for an illuminating and… Read more »

Dance Like a Man: Refiguring Masculinity

A heated discussion erupted in the chilly morning on the Rajnigandha Front Lawn, as a distinguished and diverse panel debated gender constructs and questioned typical masculine stereotypes. Everyone present was itching to contribute to this dynamic conversation about male values and roles, male stress, and the changing power dynamics between the sexes. Articulate moderator Ashok Ferrey launched the discussion… Read more »

Beautiful Offspring: The Art of Historical Fiction

On the fourth day of the eighth ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival, the panel convened to discuss the unique challenges of writing historical fiction, defined as ‘the project of writing about the past.’ The speakers described historical fiction as a realm where fact and fantasy coalesce and considered the importance of detail, description and language in their… Read more »

A Revolution is Brewing

This was a high-octane discussion about the revolution of gender identity and equity that is shaking the foundations of established patriarchy worldwide. The panel of women, who hail from various spheres of feminine thought, discussed the roots of this revolution in mythology and delved into themes of female marginalisation and emancipation, sexual exploration, and the… Read more »

What the Doctor Ordered: Prescriptive Economics and the Science of Uncertainty

The Google Mughal Tent did not know what to expect when one of the world’s preeminent scholars and writers on unpredictability, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, took to the stage. Taleb began the session by talking about ‘systems collapse,’ particularly about the necessity for building ‘antifragile’ systems: systems that benefit rather than suffer from uncertainty and mistakes…. Read more »

The Murty Classical Library of India

The ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival played host to the long-awaited launch of the Murty Classical Library of India book series, which makes some of India’s greatest classics available to the world for the first time. As a series of forty books in twelve languages and ten different scripts, the Murty Classical Library is the most ambitious project undertaken by a university… Read more »

War, Politcs and the Novel

‘I owe money to a guy in my village, please pay him’. These and other simple words were poignant examples of letters written by soldiers from the Indian subcontinent, serving in the British Army during WWI. Author Kamila Shamshie wrote her novel A God in Every Stone about a forgotten chapter in the annals of the great war.She was deeply affected… Read more »