Arshya Gaur

Arshya Gaur is a student in New Delhi. She is a passionate learner, debater and writer, and has written 21 articles as a teenage consultant for The DailyO, an online opinion platform and also has her own blog, ‘Phoenix Fantasies’ where she posts her other writing pieces. Gaur was invited for the ‘India Today Conclave’, held in Mumbai in 2019, along with Dr. Shelja Sen, therapist, writer and co-founder of Children First, to give her personal account of her battle with Anorexia and Depression. Since then, she has founded ‘Read Together’, a website that uses multi-media technology to aid and enhance the experience of children who struggle with reading or have learning disabilities and has won the Gold Award in the Queen's Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition. She hopes to pursue English Literature in university and turn her passion for writing into a career.

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