Anamika is a Hindi poet, novelist and translator. Her poems ‘Khurduri Hatheliyan’, ‘Doob-Dhan’ and ‘Tokri Mein Digant’ are prescribed at national universities. Her novels, Dus Dwaare Ka Peenjara and Tinka Tinke Paas, have been staged as major productions in Marathi and Malayalam. Both her poems, as well as essays on feminist discourse in Hindi,  have been translated into several Indian and international languages. Her English publications include Transplanting British Poetry in Indian Classrooms, Donne Criticism Down the Ages, Post-War Women Poets: Treatment of Love and Death, Feminist Poetics: Where Kingfishers Catch Fire, Translating Racial Memory and Weaving a Nation: Proto-Feminist Writing in Hindi and Urdu (1920-47).

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