Anand Neelakanthan

Anand Neelkantan

Writer & Screenwriter

Anand Neelakantan is known for having invented a new genre in literature, the counter telling of mythology. His debut novel, Asura- Tale of the Vanquished, told the story of Ramayana from the point of view of Ravana and a common Asura called Bhadra. The novel was shortlisted for 2013 Crossword Popular Award. This was followed by the Ajaya series. Neelakantan has also written screenplays for various television including Siya Ke Ram, Mahabali Hanuman and Chakravarthi Samrat Ashoka. The producers of Baahubali, the biggest grosser in Indian film history, have announced that Neelakantan is writing a three book series based on the film.

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