Human Migratory Quandaries

Migration, seasonal movement from one region to another. Surely this word encapsulates much more than mere movement from one place to another. Far more than just moving. It might be very easy to call humans as migration friendly species, before probing into the not-so-friendly past of human migration.

Turning back to a few thousand years, humans were still figuring out the fundamentals of civilization. We, as a society, were extremely unfriendly towards creating a touch with other packs. Our vision of weaponry was limited to stones, bows, arrows. In those days, battles were fought by proficient combatants elected as guardians of the tribe. Seldom was a visitor expected on the doorstep, and if anyone from the rival society tried to breach the borders, they were unwelcome.

It took a long while for people to look up to the skies and take a cue from the birds who migrate seasonally. Eventually, humans chose to move out of the known, and mark their journey towards areas with richer resources and better sustenance provisions. As expected, they soon came to know, this was not a sound plan. They were faced with the variety of pandemics dominating the contrasting landmasses, and progressive groups with higher resentments against transgress. Slowly, we started understanding that we all are Mother Nature’s equal productions and this agreement was further confirmed by the development of languages. Gatherings evolved into kingdoms, which gave rise to countries and thus, continents were defined.

While the world was changing by each passing day, it was becoming smaller and over-crowded. TADA! The amplified imaginative powers of the human brain gave birth to superior weapons, which were much more fatal than their ancestors’.  The rat race of obtaining land bodies began and even the seas were not spared. The rule with the largest territory under his/her empire started commanding the rest. Abruptly, the union was in tatters and Homo Sapiens was split on the basis of caste, creed color, region, religion and so on. Now, arriving in the present, nothing much has altered since then, beyond that we have invented numerous comforts that we just don’t want to share these with those who need them too.

In this modern era, surpassing borders is still regarded as trespassing and a threat to the reserves gathered for the consumption of residing society members. The rise of competitiveness amongst societies has been a source of growing conflicts amongst closely intermingled communities, and every day there comes news about a certain group of people getting exiled by a prominent and influential power.

Exactly what could be done for those who are expelled, hurt and driven out by their own gatherings? Could we share our air, our food, our shelters with those discarded, abused people who, before being our competitors, were evenly created children of Mother Nature? The solution seemingly prevails within us and it surely comprises of words such as sharing, caring, sympathy, love. All that we fiercely want is to reunite, reconnect, and admit that migration is not always evil, but in fact could also advance us to delightful and lasting ties of value, and a joyful future ahead of us.

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