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Ravi Shankar Etteth

Ravi Shankar Etteth

Ravi Shankar Etteth is the best-selling author of several novels, including The Brahmin, Tiger by the River and Killing Time in Delhi. A journalist and political cartoonist with several decades of experience, he is currently with the New Indian Express in Delhi.


Return of the Brahmin

Ravi Shankar Etteth in conversation with C. Aryama Sundaram

JLF First Edition is delighted to host the virtual launch of Ravi Shankar Etteth's latest work, Return of the Brahmin, published by Westland.

Author and political cartoonist Ravi Shankar Etteth’s latest, Return of the Brahmin, a sequel to The Brahmin, is a historical thriller following the escapades of King Ashoka’s most trusted ally and spymaster. In the midst of a violent conspiracy, Ashoka calls upon the Brahmin to protect the kingdom against a lethal foe and attempts to topple the empire. Etteth is also the author of Killing Time in Delhi, The Book Of Shiva, The Tiger by the River and The Village of the Widows. He is currently a consulting editor with The New Indian Express. In conversation with Senior Advocate C. Aryama Sundaram, Etteth discusses the nuances of historical thrillers and gives us a glimpse into this intricate vortex of death and deceit.