FESTIVAL INAUGURATION: Nayantara Sahgal, Lloyd Rudolf, Susanne Rudolf and Rima Hooja

The Jaipur Literature Festival opened in grand style today, as Nayantara Sahgal’s inspiring keynote address was met with a standing ovation. This was followed by a fascinating discussion between Lloyd Rudolf, Susanne Rudolf and Rima Hooja about the different ways Rajasthan has been perceived, interpreted and presented to the world over the centuries, including the defining influence of Colonel Todd’s Romantic interpretation of Rajasthan as a feudalist state, and the more personal diary narratives of colonial subject, Amar Singh. The Rudolfs have lived in Rajasthan for over fifty years and personally witnessed many of the changes here, as well as actively developing the academic field of Rajasthani Studies. By publishing a range of multi-disciplinary books on differing perspectives on Rajasthan, they allow for new views of Rajasthani history as well as the views of those contemporary to the times.

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