30 जनवरी - 03 फरवरी 2025 | होटल क्लार्क्स आमेर, जयपुर

Festival Buzzaar

The Festival Buzzaar has on offer a wondrous and diverse world of hand-tooled products – it is a vibrant and buzzing space where shoppers gather throughout the day. This year, the Festival Buzzaar featured a variety of products, including fashion accessories, garments, footwear, home decor, jewellery, stationery, bags, skincare products, healthy snacks, and many other organic items.  The Buzzaar is a powerful enabler for artisans, weavers and craftspeople of talent and repute from across India, and empowers those working in the handcrafted industry, helping them reach a wide consumer-base.

Any violation of these terms and conditions will render the permission to participate null and void, and in that case, the Festival holds the right to cancel the participation from the Festival without any compensation or refund of any amount paid to the Festival.

Finally, it is our objective that all our visitors and participants have a memorable and wonderful Festival experience; hence we will be grateful if everyone maintains Festival decorum and adheres to all guidelines.

Flock To These Shops…

Aadi Ujala

AADI, a Delhi-based organisation, works with people across disabilities. Ujala is its block-printing unit for creating handmade paper products and provides opportunities for skilling and retail-training for adults across disabilities, enabling access to dignified livelihood opportunities. Their  unique eco-friendly products promote economic independence for craftspeople with disabilities, establishing Ujala’s identity as a significant social enterprise.

Anam Husain

Anam Husain is a Delhi-based design studio that makes one-of-a-kind artisanal wearable products for conscious buyers, using Indian craft techniques such as block-printing, marble-painting, tie and dye, hand-painting on garments, hand-weaving and knitting. Their mission is to experiment with design and bring innovation to age-old crafts to make them relevant for urban markets, and provide livelihoods to artisans and reach as many craft clusters as possible.

Beads & Beyond

Beads & Beyond specialises in all kinds of oxidised jewellery that is hypoallergenic (skin friendly) & tarnish-free. The designs are stylish, made of copper-based alloy which not only make them durable but sturdy as well. Their designs are diverse - formal, casual, statement pieces, bohemian, or minimalist and not curtailed by gender boundaries.


Dezires will showcase their contemporary fusion collection for the first time at the Jaipur Literature Festival. The collection ranges from versatile unisex dhoti pants to layered jackets and overcoats to ready-to-wear kurtas and dresses, all using kalamkari, silk and modal. The designs cater to all body sizes in flattering silhouettes. 


Ekatra is a sustainable brand that offers a range of luxurious gifts crafted with care and commitment. They take pride in their handmade creations and offer customisation options to create truly unique and meaningful pieces. Collaborating with major corporate houses, they bring together elegance and sustainability to redefine the art of gifting.


Fatfatiya is a Jaipur-based fashion brand known for its vibrant designs that combine Rajasthani art, architecture, and culture with contemporary fashion. Fatfatiya's products, which prioritise sustainability and social responsibility, are intended to elicit joy and admiration while also empowering local artisans. From women's fashion bags to wallets, wall arts, and handmade notebooks, each Fatfatiya product demonstrates the company's dedication to creativity, quality, and accessibility.


Discover the artistry of nature through Khwabidah, where we blend passion and petals to create floral narratives. Khwabidah's resin art is versatile and customisable, making it the perfect addition to any home or office. Whether you're looking for a statement piece for your living room or a unique gift for a loved one, we have something for everyone. Every Khwabidah piece is carefully crafted by hand, using high-quality materials and techniques that ensure both durability and beauty.

Kule Kule Dressing & Décor Pvt Ltd

“Kule Kule Dressing & Décor Pvt Ltd” is the home of quality wool like Pashmina, Australian merino, Yak, angoora and lamb procured directly from the artisans of Leh, Kullu, Srinagar & Uttrakhand. Kule Kule, meaning slow & steady, celebrates the handwoven style which operates at slow and steady pace with which these beautiful unique artworks are created and is committed to supporting the development of this fascinating art form and the skilled artisans who create it. Kule Kule Pvt Ltd is recognized by Startup India and Make in India. So far, directly and indirectly they have employed more than 25 artisans and are raring to go ahead.

Pinklane by Rashi

The label Pinklane by Rashi came into existence to capture the art of ornamentation and adornment in a very contemporary style. The motive here was to do something beyond the usual and conventional idea of jewelry and accessories existing today. The design language has a strong confluence of Indian art, culture, and traditions while keeping in mind the needs of a stylish, urban, and individualistic woman of today. Products at ‘Pinklane by Rashi‘ are handmade and one of a kind in 92.5 Silver. 

Rampyari Animal Welfare Trust

The Rampyari Animal Welfare Trust was established to sell merchandise and raise funds for Help in Suffering, a Jaipur-based animal charity active for 43 years. The charity provides free medical aid to street animals, and their merchandise, made from 100% cotton without any animal products, supports fundraising. Twelve years ago, Help in Suffering rescued 15 tiny desi puppies. One, named Rampyari, became an ambassador for India's desi dogs. The current collection is dedicated to Rampyari, with all profits aiding less fortunate creatures.

Saurastra Impex

Brand story: Saurashtra Impex, a pioneer in Indian and Asian textiles since 1995, has been weaving a rich tapestry of tradition and innovation. With a legacy deeply rooted in craftsmanship, the company stands as a beacon in fashion manufacturing, celebrated for its exquisite collections of Pashmina shawls and antique textiles. Expanding beyond textiles, their expertise encompasses home furnishings, blending timeless elegance with modern flair—crafted lamp shades and luxurious upholstery that redefine living spaces. At Saurashtra Impex, the focus is not solely on creating products; they curate experiences, celebrating the artistry of their heritage while embracing the dynamism of contemporary design.


Sensing, India’s pioneer in wellness apparel, emerged from Founder & Creative Director Humera Tamboli's shift from leather to sustainable textiles. The brand prioritises skin-friendly, environmentally conscious clothing, fostering a holistic relationship between skin, attire, and the earth. Sensing's debut collection, The Balance Capsule, launched in February 2023 and offers need-based, versatile styles for men and women. With Oeko-Tex certification, pH balance, and decomposability, Sensing promotes a mindful approach to fashion, emphasizing transparency, innovation, and inclusivity in its core values.

The Bare Bar

THE BARE BAR is a home grown, hand-crafted, sustainable beauty & wellness brand. Their motto is Simple, Clean, Sustainable and they make use of natural and clean ingredients, packaged sustainably. They make a diverse range of products including soaps, scents, scrubs, clay-based deodorants, face cleansers, masks, facial care creams,and many more.


Varnan translates into Narration and they intend to narrate stories of craft and products that can be sustainably utilised. Varnan spreads their love of curating meaningful gifts with the help of products that emanate the love and sincerity that went into creating them, so that you can have something tangible to express, something that words cannot. All of Varnan’s products are handcrafted and are a labour of love and patience.


Resonating with our vision under Threads of Care, Veaves aim to resurrect the life and limb of the handloom culture that was once the blazing glory of our nation. At Veaves, they set their sight on bringing back the very essence of handicrafts through home furnishings and fashion accessories.