Festival Bazaar


Festival Bazaar

Described as the 'greatest literary show on earth', the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival is the world's largest free event of its kind.

Apart from being a change-making platform for dialogue, the festival is also an empowering platform for artisans and craftsmen of excellent talent across India. It strives to empower artisans/ craft clusters and young

entrepreneurs in the handcrafted industry and enables them to reach a wide consumer-base. The space ensures a diverse range of products; hand tooled to perfection, showcased for the world in a colorful, vibrant bazar space.

We look for both uniqueness and variety: funky stationery, unusual gifts, edgy or traditional clothing, exquisite jewellery, comfy footwear, novel lifestyle and home décor goods all come together under one buzzing space.

Stalls are allotted at the sole discretion of the Curators of the Zee Jaipur Literature Festival.

Stall Timings will be from 9 am to 6 pm, every day, for all 5 days of the Festival.

All decisions on selection of the stall exhibitors will close by 20th Dec 2018.


  • If product is found to be suitable, you will receive an official confirmation email along with other important details.
  • If your product is not suitable, we will advise you in writing by an email.
  • Chosen stalls will trade in creatively designed/ hand-worked items. Preference is given to exhibitors who have not participated in the festival to date, or do not have retail outlets in Jaipur city. Stalls will be allotted at the discretion of the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival (ZEE JLF) Bazaar Curators.


  • This year we look forward to giving our visitors and exhibitors a unique, vibrant and robust marketplace experience wherein each exhibitor is able to sell and be responsible for his/her individual billing.
  • The Festival will use a pre-loaded card payment system commonly used all over in malls, exhibitions and food courts. Exhibitors will be introduced to the system via workshops and sessions will be held in Jaipur prior to the Festival.
  • This cashless system has been introduced to avoid long queues and to make the entire selling process transparent.

When do you forfeit your right to the stall without any refund?

  • Any participant found to be sub-letting shall be asked to vacate the stall space.
  • This platform is strictly for craftsmen and artisans from India. Thus participants found to be selling foreign/ inferior-quality machine-made mass-produced goods shall be asked to vacate the stall space.
  • If the participant continues to contravene the terms and conditions of the festival despite warnings.
  • Anyone found handling direct cash in their stall space shall be liable for immediate stall cancellation.

Things to keep in mind during the Festival

  • Please adhere to the timings and the instructions that will be intimated to you by the festival curators for the transportation of your goods to your stall as Rampart Row is closed for vehicular traffic for the duration of the festival.
  • All goods have to be stored within the designated stall space or in the common storage room provided by the Festival. Participants are required to bring their own locks and keys for storage to keep their stocks safe.
  • It is the responsibility of the participant to safely store their goods/ display their products throughout the duration of the Festival.
  • Any participant found selling outside their designated areas despite warnings shall be asked to close their stall and no refund will be given for the same.
  • The Festival will provide 24-hour security guards at the tents.
  • It is the Festival’s endeavour to highlight the spirit and range of India’s craftsmanship and showcase traditional and contemporary craft, art, weaving and other styles of India. We discourage participants from selling products similar to what their fellow participants sell at the Festival.
  • Participants are required to replenish their stocks each day to bring in freshness to merchandise.
  • Participants are responsible for their accommodation, travel, food and any other personal expense during the Festival.

Billing mandates-

  • At the end of each day, we will do a reconciliation of the day’s sale.
  • Participants are required to keep the duplicate copies of their bills safe until their Full & Final (F&F) is done with the organisers at the end of the Festival.
  • Organisers will not be responsible for any kind of misplacement of bills, and won’t be liable to pay if physical copies of bills are not in the participant’s possession.
  • Participants are required to keep their MRPs in line with the commission margin and all local taxes (GST) applicable to their products. The Festival will deduct the commission on their total sales during the Festival excluding GST.
  • Organisers will settle the F&F of all the participants within 30 days after completion of the Festival


  • Please use paper or cloth bags ONLY – all participants are requested to make our festival an eco-friendly one.
  • Please keep both the inside and outside of your stall areas tidy and free of clutter and waste. Participants leaving rubbish, equipment or goods outside stalls may not be invited to participate at future festivals.
  • Stall Fascia cannot be covered during the duration of the ZEE JLF by any wares/ decorations as it indicates the stall number as well as the exhibitor’s name.
  • The ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival will not be responsible for any losses to any participant as a result of the following-
    1. Any changes to the Festival opening and closing hours due to any foreseen or any emergency concerns.
    2. Any natural or any unforeseen calamity and loss incurred during the Festival period.
    3. For any personal tax implications for the participants on their sales and records during the Festival.
    4. Damage, loss or theft.
    5. Infringements by participants of patent rights, design trademark or other protected rights of third parties.
    6. Damage to any property, goods, equipment or whatsoever or death or injury of any person arising from any action or omission by the participants/owners and their staff and employees.
    7. Failure of any participant or stall owner to comply with any appropriate legal requirement.

Any violation of these terms and conditions will render the permission to participate null and void, and in that case, the Festival holds the right to cancel the participation from the Festival without any compensation or refund of any amount paid to the Festival.

The stall location will be intimated on 20th of Jan 2019 by email only. Decision on the stall location will be finalized by the ZEE JLF Bazaar Curators and we reserve the right to reallocate stalls if necessary for any operational reasons.

Finally, it is our objective that all our visitors and participants have a memorable and wonderful Festival experience; hence we will be grateful if everyone maintains Festival decorum and adheres to all guidelines.

Standard Space

Rs. 35,000/- +18% GST

This space is part of the Official Festival Merchandise Store with multiple participants. Each participant gets the following:

  • One wooden shelf of size 6*3 feet
  • Usage of table surface of size 2.5*2 feet
  • 1 chair
  • A common storage facility
  • 2 ‘Service Provider’ badges (this badge will allow you access to the Festival only for all 5 days and doesn’t entitle access to any other facility)
  • Basic, general lighting will be provided

Corner Space

Rs. 60,000/- + 18% GST

This space is part of the Official Festival Merchandise Store having multiple participants, each participant will get the following:

  • One shelf of size 6*3 feet
  • One table of size 5*2 feet and half a table of size 2.5 * 2 feet (L-shaped as shown in the picture below)
  • 2 chairs
  • A common storage facility
  • 2 'Service Provider' badges (this badge will allow you access to the Festival only for all 5 days and doesn't entitle access to any other facility)
  • Basic, general lighting will be provided.

Individual Stall

Rs 1,10,000/- + 18% GST
  • One stall space of size 8 feet * 8 feet with the facility of installing your own fascia on top.
  • One table of size 5*2 feet
  • 2 chairs
  • A common storage facility
  • 2 ‘Service Provider’ badges (this badge will allow you access to the Festival only for all 5 days and doesn’t entitle access to any other facility)
  • Basic, general lighting will be provided.