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Sunil Gupta

Sunil Gupta

Sunil Gupta is a man of many parts. Author. Stage, Film and TV Actor. Radio and TV anchor and presenter. International sports commentator. History buff. Advertising professional. More keen than accomplished tennis and bridge player, oarsman, rider and hill-lover. Enjoys a few pints in the evenings. He lives in Gurgaon, India with his wife Sunita, their two daughters and three temperamental canines.


Cricket: Facts and Fiction

Sunil Gupta and Suprita Das in conversation with Keshava Guha

Even in the most divided times, the nation's romance with cricket has been a strong unifying force. But what does this obsession stem from? What is this power that has the Indian population holding their collective breaths in front of the screen? Journalist and author Suprita Das' book, Free Hit: The Story of Women's Cricket in India, addresses the many challenges faced by the women's cricket team. Sunil Gupta's book, Final Innings, is a fictional account of the life of a player in the Indian cricket team. Writer and journalist Keshava Guha is an ardent fan and writes extensively on the many nuances of the sport. Examining the magic of cricket through the lens of fact and fiction, a session which explores the spirit of the game and the place it holds in our collective imaginations.