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Sunandini Banerjee

Sunandini Banerjee

Sunandini Banerjee is Senior Editor and Graphic Designer at Seagull Books Kolkata. She is also a digital-collage artist whose works have been exhibited in India and abroad, and a translator, most recently of Nabarun Bhattacharya's Herbert. She lives and works in Calcutta, and teaches as well, both editing and design, at the Seagull School of Publishing.


BOOK LAUNCH: The Rain–Maiden and the Bear–Man

Easterine Kire and Sunandini Banerjee in conversation with Preeti Gill

The Jaipur Literature Festival First Edition is delighted to host the virtual launch of Easterine Kire’s latest work, The Rain–Maiden and the Bear–Man, published by Seagull Books.
A poet and novelist, Kire's new short story collection, The Rain–Maiden and the Bear–Man, weaves a fabric of magic and reality, and brews together oral narratives from Nagaland. Rooted in fantastical folktales brimming with human connection, the stories are illustrated in full colour by Sunandini Banerjee and unwrap a rich portrayal of the Naga natural and spiritual world. Kire's other works include A Terrible Matriarchy, Bitter Wormwood, A Respectable Woman and When the River Sleeps. Banerjee is a graphic artist and editor. In conversation with  editor and literary agent Preeti Gill, they explore these multilayered tales and the essence of their tradition, spirit and folklore.