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Homi K. Bhabha

Homi K. Bhabha


The Climate of History in a Planetary Age

Dipesh Chakrabarty in conversation with Homi K. Bhabha

Academic and author Dipesh Chakrabarty’s latest book, The Climate of History in a Planetary Age, argues that impact of climate change dismantles deeply ingrained ideas of history, modernity and globalisation. Steeped in historical and philosophical research, the narrative encourages us to view the human condition from a planetary and global perspective to truly understand the changing realities of our times. Chakrabarty is the Lawrence A. Kimpton Distinguished Service Professor of History and South Asian Languages and Civilisations at the University of Chicago. Homi K. Bhabha is Anne F. Rothenberg Professor of the Humanities at Harvard University. His work explores postcolonial theory, cultural change and power. His books include Nation and Narration and The Location of Culture. In conversation with Bhabha, Chakrabarty discusses the implications of the Anthropocene and the way forward.