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Dolly Thakore

Dolly Thakore

Dolly Thakore is a veteran actor, newscaster, columnist and casting director who has worked in advertising, communications and public relations. She is also a staunch social activist, particularly for children and destitute women, and for Citizens for Peace.


Regrets, None

Dolly Thakore and Arghya Lahiri in conversation with Sanjoy K. Roy

Veteran theatre personality Dolly Thakore’s memoir, Regrets, None, co-authored with Arghya Lahiri, is a vivid retelling of her life and career.

Written with wit and trademark candour the narrative takes us through her years in Delhi, casting for Gandhi and filming it across India, working in radio, advertising and television while always returning to her first love, theatre. She also speaks candidly about love, infidelity, motherhood, commitment, ecstasy and the heartbreaks. In conversation with Sanjoy K. Roy, they discuss the glitz, glamour and struggles that have formed her life and the 'no regrets' philosophy that characterises her personality.