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Coomi Kapoor

Coomi Kapoor

Coomi Kapoor is a pioneer political journalist who was the first woman chief reporter and female bureau chief in Delhi. She has been in the profession for nearly five decades, and has worked with The Indian Express, India Today, The Sunday Mail, The Indian Post, The Illustrated Weekly of India and The Motherland. She is currently a consulting editor at The Indian Express, where her popular column, ‘Inside Track’, appears on Sundays. Her earlier book, The Emergency: A Personal History, was a bestseller.


The Parsi Story: Portrait of a Community

Pheroza J. Godrej, Jehangir R. Patel, Bachi Karkaria and Coomi Kapoor in conversation

In an engaging and intimate session of memory, history and identity, a panel of eminent Parsis explore their community’s success, contribution and foundations within the country. Exploring what it means to be Parsi in today’s India, they examine their deep roots, including the Tatas, the Mistrys, the Godrejs, the Wadias and beyond, to search the essence of their indomitable spirit and their role in all spheres of our nation’s growth.