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Bachi Karkaria

Bachi Karkaria

Bachi Karkaria is a senior journalist, popular columnist, best-selling author, litfest curator and international media trainer. She was the first Indian board member of the Paris-based World Editors Forum. Karkaria’s books include In Hot Blood: The Nanavati Case That Shook India and Dare To Dream, a biography of MS Oberoi. She is working on the multiple lives of Capt CP Krishnan Nair.


The Parsi Story: Portrait of a Community

Pheroza J. Godrej, Jehangir R. Patel, Bachi Karkaria and Coomi Kapoor in conversation

In an engaging and intimate session of memory, history and identity, a panel of eminent Parsis explore their community’s success, contribution and foundations within the country. Exploring what it means to be Parsi in today’s India, they examine their deep roots, including the Tatas, the Mistrys, the Godrejs, the Wadias and beyond, to search the essence of their indomitable spirit and their role in all spheres of our nation’s growth.