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Amanda Lou Deckelbaum

Amanda Lou Deckelbaum

Amanda Lou Deckelbaum is a Montreal-based creative. She is a writer, a student of art and wellness and a project manager for SOUNDFOOD, the podcast hosted by Nitsa Citrine exploring the questions how do we find and feel resonance today? She is fascinated by healing methodology and conversation.


Yasodhara and the Buddha

Vanessa R. Sasson in conversation with Amanda Deckelbaum

Vanessa R. Sasson’s latest book, Yasodhara and the Buddha, is an evocative story of the life of Buddha as seen from the eyes of his wife, Yasodhara. Weaving together the spirit of fiction and fabulism, this narrative gives us an understanding of  Yasodhara's joys and sorrows, her expectations and frustrations, as she watches her beloved husband walk away. Sasson has a long academic publishing record. She is a professor of Religious Studies at Marianopolis College, a Research Fellow at the University  of the Free State, and a Research Member for CERIAS at UQAM. Amanda Deckelbaum is the Lead Project Manager at SoundFood. In conversation with Deckelbaum, Sasson delves into this journey of finding the female voice in the Buddhist story.


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