Native American Writers or Writers Who Happen to be Native American?

The writers didn’t feel their Native American identity was the most central theme to their writing. The gifts of their heritage are many and so are the stereotyped expectations [Photo Credit: Lisa Bell]

By Annika Paradise, Official JLF@Boulder Blogger “Claiming ‘Creek’ identity is something that comes from the outside.  I am just a writer,” explained poet Jennifer Forester.  Two poets and a novelist shared their experiences, their writing processes, dispelled myths, and finally read their work to a packed room at the Steps of the Jaipur Literature Festival […]

Graphic Novels: The Image and the Word

A fascinating discussion on the graphic novel's shift from fringe to mainstream literature [Photo Credit: Will Hauge]

By Kaity Hauge-Aldridge, Official JLF@Boulder Blogger As a graphic designer, I am constantly faced with the ever-growing challenge of communicating with a global audience that is increasingly more and more visually minded. We operate in a world of icons, memes, and “Instagrammable” moments. But is this a product of the digital age? Or is it […]