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36. Catherine the Great

Simon Sebag Montefiore introduced by William Dalrymple Set in Imperial Russia, Simon Sebag Montefiore’s acclaimed biography of Catherine the Great is a magnificent and evocative epic tale. In this enthralling session he transports us to the love and war, romance and realpolitik of Catherine’s long reign, and her charged and intense relationship with General Potemkin. […]

18. Barn Owl’s Wondrous Capers

Sarnath Banerjee and Mario Acevedo in conversation with Maeve Conran Graphic novelist Sarnath Banerjee has an arcane, quirky humour and brilliant artwork. Using words, music and magic Sarnath Banerjee and author Mario Acevedo explore the subversive terrain of satire and the interstices of word, image and text. In conversation with news broadcaster Maeve Conran.

12. Rewilding Our Heart

Marc Bekoff, Hannah Nordhaus and Linda Hogan moderated by Julene Bair In wildlife conservation, ‘rewilding’ refers to restoring habitats and creating and connecting corridors between preserved lands. In this important session, writers, experts and activists reach out to rewilding attitudes and to dissolving false boundaries between human life and the nurturing forces of nature. Marc […]

17. Red Azalea

Anchee Min introduced by Rahul Jacob Chinese-American writer Anchee Min was born in a staunchly Maoist family in 1950’s Shanghai and forced to work on a communal farm from the age of seventeen. She talks about her compelling memoir, which documents her isolation and illicit love against the backdrop of China’s Cultural Revolution. From her […]

16. Vijay Dandetha: The Shakespeare of Rajasthan

Christi Merrill and Uday Prakash in conversation (Screening of a short film by Uday Prakash) Born in the desert state of Rajasthan, India, the legendary Vijay Dandetha brought alive the vibrant oral and performing traditions, the folktales, epics and ballads which are the cultural legacy of the region. His interpretations and translations of these age old […]

15. The Spell of The Sea, The Lure of the Land

Aaron Hirsh, Peter Heller and Patricia Limerick, moderated by Marc Bekoff The session takes us on a reflective journey towards understanding our relationship with nature and with each other. Ecologist and essayist Aaron Hirsh “thinks like a scientist and writes like a poet.’ Peter Heller is an award-winning adventure writer and the author of among others […]

14. Cities and their Shadows

DW Gibson, Ryan Gattis and William Dalrymple in conversation with Amitava Kumar Chronicling a city involves a complex archaeology of its mind, heart and soul. From Patna to New Delhi, NYC and Los Angeles to Ahmedabad, this session transports us to the inner lives of cities ancient and modern.  Amitava Kumar’s A Matter of Rats […]

The Cave of Co-Creation: (Ages: 10 -16 years)

3:15-4pm Puneeta Roy Discover a magical space where anything and everything is possible. It all lies in the power of Positive Thought, of knowing you CAN! A fun way to connect with your Inner Core & help manifest your dreams using the tools of Co-Creation through Theater, Art & Creative Visualisation! Dream it, Believe in […]

19. In the Mindfields

Casey Schwartz in conversation with Julie Colwell Neuroscience and psychoanalysis are historically opposed disciplines in their approaches to understanding human behaviour and consciousness. In the Mindfields explores the relationship between brain and mind and the spaces and unanswered questions in between. Writer and journalist Casey Schwartz has a Masters degree in psychodynamic neuroscience. In conversation with Julie Colwell, a […]

11. The Spoken Word: Celebrating Oral Literatures

Christi Merrill, Linda Hess, Marcia Douglas, Laura Simms and Vikram Chandra moderated by Claudia Cragg Orality and spoken language is the intangible essence of a living community. A distinguished panel of writers, translators and scholars discuss the legacy of oral literatures from different traditions and strategies of understanding, archiving and transmitting the fluidity and spontaneity […]

6. Word And Number: Can The Twain Ever Meet?

Manil Suri in conversation with Casey Schwartz Novelist and mathematician Manil Suri speaks with writer and journalist, Casey Schwartz of the different ways literature and mathematics help us understand the world. Beyond all the stereotypes of insularity in mathematics and math phobia in the humanities, is there any hope of synthesis between the two? Through a combination of […]

8. Seasons of Flight

Anchee Min, Maina Singh and Prajwal Parajuly in conversation with Manjushree Thapa Like birds, the human species too spreads its wings in search of adventure and sustenance. Immigrants and emigrants, settlers and colonists, refugees and nomads chart new languages and societies and re-navigate their personal and cultural narratives.  In a session that soars across continents […]