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31. Geographical Imaginations

Antonio Ruiz-Camacho, Hari Kunzru, Vijay Seshadri and Ausma Zehanat Khan in conversation with Rashna Singh The geography of the mind and the eye are often at variance with the physical locales of migrant experience. A session that examines the topography of exile and discovery, alienation and acceptance.  Antonio Ruiz-Camacho’s Barefoot Dogs is a linked story sequence […]

30. The Making of Modern China: Empress Dowager Cixi

Jung Chang introduced by Marie Brenner The Empress Dowager Cixi is the subject of a recent and acclaimed biography by the celebrated Jung Chang. The session examines the enigmatic, fascinating and formidable figure who “brought Medieval China into the modern age.” Returning to legend and history, Jung Chang brings to life the brilliant strategist and […]

29. Hamro Nepal

Kai Bird, Manjushree Thapa and Prajwal Parajuly in conversation with Ali Hasan The Himalayan nation of Nepal has been blessed with spectacular beauty and is also particularly vulnerable to earthquakes and natural disasters. The resilience and courage of the Nepalese people in the face of poverty and political instability and the grit determination and success of its far-flung […]

28. Gods without Men: Narrating the Human Condition

Hari Kunzru, Vikram Chandra and Kalyan Ray in conversation with Nayana Currimbhoy Acclaimed British Indian novelist Hari Kunzru is the author of the novels, The Impressionist, Transmission, My Revolutions and Gods Without Men. Writer Vikram Chandra is an iconic Indian American writer who divides his time between Mumbai and California. His books include Love and Longing in […]

27. Jerusalem

Brian Aivars Catlos, Nur Laiq and Simon Sebag Montefiore moderated by Sanjoy Roy Jerusalem is the centre of faith for Judaism, Christianity and Islam. A session on the Holy City, the ‘centre of the world’and now the key to peace in the Middle-East. Writer and scholar Brian Aivars Catlos specializes in ethno-religious identity and communal […]

What’s Your Story? Creating collage art that tells a story: (6-16 years)

11:45am-12:30pm Patricia Chapman In this workshop we will combine words and images to create a composition that tells a story. We will be able to choose from a huge selection of images taken from vintage books and magazines and a large number of printed words. Every workshop participant will be able to take their creations […]

26. Murder She Wrote: The Discreet Charm of the Whodunnit

Ausma Zehanat Khan in conversation with Nayana Currimbhoy Crime fiction carries a range of associated concerns within its page-turning compulsions. Ethics and accountability, social hierarchies and justice, gender and indeed the question of mortality, are all addressed within the genre. A session on reading, writing, and deconstructing the method and madness in the conventions of mystery. A Canadian […]

25. Matters of Faith

Brian Aivars Catlos and Kalyan Ray moderated by Arshia Sattar Writers from across faiths discuss the impact of religious identity and upbringing on their creativity and literary selves. Catlos writes of religious extremism and theological disputes during the crusades in his work, Infidel Kings and Unholy Warriors. Kalyan Ray is the author of No Country, a […]

24. The New Journalism: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Bob Shacochis, Mihir Sharma and Rahul Jacob in conversation Bob Shacochis quotes Jim Harrison to opine ‘there are no old myths, only new people.’ As the context and platform for news writing morphs and mutates with technology and generational change, Shacochis explores the fault lines between the personal and the political and the tensions between […]

23. Twice Told Texts: the Inner Life of Translations

Antonio Ruiz-Camacho, Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, Christi Merrill, Linda Hess moderated by Arshia Sattar Author Antonio Ruiz-Camacho, writer and translator Arshia Sattar, poet, translator and anthologist Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, scholar and translator Christi Merrill and writer Linda Hess speak of the intangibles of translation, the silences between languages and the word made flesh.

22. Natives and Newcomers: The Way We Lived

Debra Magpie Earling, Elizabeth Fenn, Linda Hogan and Patricia Limerick moderated by Duncan Campbell Acclaimed writers talk of the search for voice and identity and the experience of being in exile in their own country. Resisting popular romantic stereotypes of American Indians, this session seeks an understanding of Native Indian cultures and their holistic approach towards the […]

21. The Wilderness of Mirrors: Inside the CIA

Kai Bird in conversation with Marie Brenner Pulitzer Prize winning writer Kai Bird has written a complex and arresting biography of the CIA operative’s Robert Ames, the first high-level American officer to penetrate inside the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO).  In conversation with Marie Brenner, he speaks of the  clandestine world of espionage and the occasionally […]