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The Cave of Co-Creation: (Ages: 10 -16 years)

4:15-5pm Puneeta Roy Discover a magical space where anything and everything is possible. It all lies in the power of Positive Thought, of knowing you CAN! A fun way to connect with your Inner Core & help manifest your dreams using the tools of Co-Creation through Theater, Art & Creative Visualisation! Dream it, Believe in […]

42. Return of a King

William Dalrymple introduced by Sanjoy Roy Writer and historian William Dalrymple on his celebrated book on the first battle for Afghanistan and the long shadows of history which persist through present day conflicts in the region—the byzantine complexity of Afghanistan’s age-old tribal rivalries and their stranglehold on politics.

41. The Writer’s Life

Simon Sebag Montefiore, David Barsamian and Jung Chang The trials, tribulations and inspirations that constitute the texture of a writer’s life, in its quest for truth and verisimilitude and beauty.

40. India: A Billion Aspirations

 Mihir Sharma, Sarnath Banerjee, Rahul Jacob in conversation with Amitava Kumar. Both ancient and modern, India remains a paradox. With 356 million 10 to 24 year olds, it has the world’s largest youth population. Poised on the cusp of change, its potential for economic growth and development is counterbalanced by social and economic divides, the […]

39. Translating the Spirit: The Embrace of the Invisible

Anne Carolyn Klein, David Germano, Dzigar Kongtrül Rinpoché and Jules Levinson A session on translating Tibetan texts, while keeping both meaning and spirit alive. Transcendental insights converge with folk wisdom and spiritual metaphors in these ancient contemplative traditions. Buddhist scholars and translators Anne Carolyn Klein, David Germano, Jules Levinson and Dzigar Kongtrül Rinpoché speak of locating and […]

38. Songs of Kabir

Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, Linda Hess and Shabnam Virmani A session dedicated to the 15th century Indian mystic poet Kabir, who lives on today in his philosophy and poetry and in musical and oral tradition. Transcending caste, community and creed, Kabir’s poetry celebrates the individual’s unity with the divine. Linda Hess is one of the foremost […]

41. Speak, Memory: Voices From the Past

Hannah Nordhaus, Marcia Douglas and Namita Gokhale, moderated by Laura Pritchett A fascinating session where writers delve into the expression of memory and historical voice across eras, genres and cultures. Writers Hannah Nordhaus, Marcia Douglas and Namita Gokhale in conversation with Laura Pritchett.

37. Dirt: A Love Story

Laura Pritchett, Linda Hogan, Peter Heller, Julene Bair andB.K Loren, moderated by Janice Gould The whimsical anthology of 36 essays is replete with insight and ecological wisdom. Contributors Laura Pritchett, Linda Hogan, Peter Heller, Julene Bair and B.K.Loren set the record straight on the power of dirt to entertain and inspire. Laura Pritchett is an American […]

35. Conversations Between Worlds: Of the Intangible and the Untranslatable

Jason Grunebaum, Uday Prakash and John Vater, introduced by Jules Levinson Connecting different languages and cultures requires creative translation solutions and a deep knowledge of many literary contexts. This session, which brings together an acclaimed contemporary Indian writer and translator and his American translator in conversation with an American scholar of Hindi, examines strategies used by writers and […]

34. Emergent Stories: New Media Narratives

David Barsamian, Ryan Gattis and Mihir Sharma introduced by Maeve Conran Does the tale get changed in the telling? Human narratives are increasingly influenced by escalating levels of technology. Has the medium finally become the message? A session that searches for trends and interfaces in the brave new digital world. David Barsamian is a radio […]

33. Return from War

Helen Thorpe, Laird Hunt and Ami Dayan moderated by Bob Shacochis From Homer’s Odyssey to modern war fiction, a return from the battlefront implies a conflicted consciousness. Helen Thorpe’s Soldier Girls, a work of narrative non-fiction, follows the lives of three women with over twelve years of military and overseas service. Laird Hunt’s novel Neverhome follows the […]

32. Raising the Spirits

Debra Magpie Earling, Elizabeth Fenn, Lisa Jones and Linda Hogan moderated by Marcia Douglas Poetry can be an ecstatic out-of-body experience. Soul searching journeys and the celebration of a deep and pervasive animism have the capacity to transform the nature of literary experience. Four acclaimed writers and poets discuss the distinctive Native American traditions with […]