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On Cultural Appropriation

  By Karli Sherwinter, Official ZEE JLF@Boulder Blogger Approaching authenticity across geographic and cultural-landscapes can be made possible through active listening and authentic engagement. An impressive panel of diverse and award-winning writers from ethnically and culturally varied backgrounds delved into this value-laden conversation. Moderator, author and creative writing professor, Laird Hunt, led the discussion.   […]

Mogador: The Quest

By Lynn Grasberg, Official ZEE JLF@Boulder Blogger “You follow the energy and that creates structure. You’re following the body and the heart, not the head.” I was in the front row, tablet on lap, taking notes at a program called, “Mogador: The Quest” featuring the book’s author, Alberto Ruy-Sanchez, in conversation with Anosh Irani. Ruy-Sanchez […]

The Untrod Path: Writing Travel

By Patty Malesh, Official ZEE JLF@Boulder Blogger Does travel writing still have a role in an age when everyone travels and Google maps can take you anywhere, instantly, on your laptop? William Dalrymple Acclaimed writers and storytellers Christina Lamb, John Huston, Lori Erikson and William Dalrymple shared excerpts from their travel writing experiences in an […]

Spotlight: Michael Rezendes in conversation with Mukund Padmanabhan

By Jules Marie, Official ZEE JLF@Boulder Blogger There was a man who stood outside a vice-president’s house with a sign saying “I’ve been raped by a priest” and yet he was ignored. – Michael Rezendes Michael Rezendes—a Pulitzer-Prize winning investigative reporter on the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team—uncovered the clergy sex scandal within the Boston Archdiocese. What […]

Living the Classics

By Jaimie Epstein, Official ZEE JLF@Boulder Blogger “Whiteness was not really a concept that existed back then.” – Donna Zuckerberg What do the alt-right and Greek and Roman history have in common? More and more than ever these days. According to Dan-el Padilla Peralta, Assistant Professor of Classics at Harvard, “We live in a post-factual […]

Words Are All We Have

By Jaimie Epstein, Official ZEE JLF@Boulder Blogger The mystery of how anyone becomes who he or she is can usually be solved only after the fact of their becoming, after the dance between nurture and nature has played out. And so, now, looking back, it seems obvious not only that Eleni Sikelianos, Kanishk Tharoor, and […]

Orientations: Writing Sexuality

By Jaimie Epstein, Official ZEE JLF@Boulder Blogger In Janice Gould’s poem “The Girl I Used to Be,” from her collection The Force of Gratitude, the subject rises from a clear Sierra stream, “gasping from that brutal creek, terrified, but absolutely clean.” This is a metaphor for the psychic rebirth that each LGBTQ person has to […]

Patriot Games: Nationalism and Globalism

By Jaimie Epstein, Official ZEE JLF@Boulder Blogger Omar El Akkad’s dystopian novel, American War, is set in 2075. Florida is under water, the Eastern Seaboard has vanished. Finally addressing climate change, the president has banned fossil fuels even though they have long since been the energy source of choice, and civil war is raging like […]

Korea: Facts and Fictions

By Kaity Hauge, Official ZEE JLF@Boulder Blogger All chairs were filled in the Skyscapes auditorium at the Jaipur Literature Festival for one of the most fascinating and terrifying talks of the day. Investigative reporter Suki Kim spoke to a captive audience on her ten year undercover mission in North Korea. Kim’s sojourn into the dark […]

Jaipur lit fest spreads its ‘joie de vivre’ to America

By John Elliott, Riding the Elephant blog – Boulder Colorado success last weekend after an evening in New York “What an industry these lit fests spawn,” a friend emailed when I told him last weekend that I was at JLF Boulder, JLF being the shortened name for India’s internationally famous Jaipur Literature Festival that has […]

A Life of Adventure and Delight : Akhil Sharma

By Kaity Hauge, Official ZEE JLF@Boulder Blogger This afternoon, Author Akhil Sharma graced the stage at the Jaipur Literature Festival to speak about his new collection of short stories entitled “A Life of Adventure and Delight.” This ironic title is host to a variety of short vignettes written by Sharma over a period of 20 […]

Slumdog Millionaire

By Jules Marie, Official ZEE JLF@Boulder Blogger “I’m naturally attracted to the tale of the underdog; about ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances. It’s the sense of curiosity that draws us to these stories.” -Vikas Swarup Diplomat and author Vikas Swarup discussed his life and work with journalist Namita Bhandare at the third edition of the […]