Apply for a JLF@Boulder Artist Booth

JLF at Boulder will select 15 artists to show and sell their work at our 2016 festival, September 24th-25th. Booths will be located just outside the Boulder Public Library’s Arapahoe branch. JLF at Boulder had over 8,000 attendees last year, and we expect this year to be even bigger! Applying for an artist booth is a great opportunity to gain exposure in the Boulder community and to connect with local and international art lovers and supporters.

To apply, fill out the application form, send, and remember to send your application fee using the button below. We will not be able to consider applications without an application fee. If you have any questions, you can contact us directly at

Thanks so much for your interest in exhibiting at JLF at Boulder 2016! We look forward to learning more about you and your work.

How to Apply

To apply for an artist’s booth at the 2016 Jaipur Literature Festival, please fill out the Exhibitor Application and sign the Exhibitor Information and Agreement sheet. Include all required materials and fees, and send the completed Exhibitor Application and Exhibitor Agreement via email to by September 12th. You may also mail the entire packet postmarked by September 12th, to:

JLF Colorado – Artists
P.O. Box 7279 Boulder,
CO 80306-7279

Application Fees & Policies

  • Applications sent before or on September 12th: $30
  • Applications sent after September 12th: $50
  • Fees may be paid with a check, money order, or with the online payment link.
  • Cards will be processed and checks will be deposited upon receipt of application.
  • There will be a $35 charge added to any returned checks. Please make checks payable to “JLF Colorado.”
  • Applications sent after August 30th: $50
  • Applications will be considered only if accompanied by full payment, and applications sent after September 19th will not be considered.
  • Please note that application fees are non-refundable!
  • Acceptance letters will be mailed by the week of September 15th

Acceptance letters will be emailed by the week of August 1st.

Registration Fee & Cancellations

Once accepted, the registration fee of $130.00 must be paid in full by September 19th ($180 for a booth approved to be shared by two accepted artists). Your registration fee reserves your booth; if you are accepted and do not pay the registration fee by September 19th you may lose your spot. All cancellations must be e-mailed to no later than September 19th, 2016.

Acceptance letters will be emailed by the week of August 1st.

Sales and Sales Tax

  • All artists selling goods must have a valid sales tax license and are responsible for collecting the appropriate sales tax percentage. All sales will be transacted directly between the artist and the buyer, and all exhibitors must collect the correct sales tax on all purchases and submitting the appropriate taxes directly to the City and County of Boulder and State of Colorado.

Sharing a Booth

If two artists wish to share a booth, each artist must submit a separate application, including application fee, in which they present their proposal for a shared booth with a specific artist. The fee for sharing a booth is $180. If the shared booth proposal and both artists are accepted, the two artists can split the registration fee. No more than two artists may share a booth.

Application Eligibility & Requirements

  • You must be the original artist. Commercially or mass-produced works or imports are NOT acceptable. All work exhibited must be the work for which the artist applied to exhibit.
  • This is a curated exhibition space, and pictures and/or videos of the work you plan to present and/or sell are required. Applications without pictures and/or video of your proposed exhibition will not be considered. Please include at least 3 images of your original work that you plan to sell.
  • Please send at least 3 images of your booth space and set-up/display.
  • Artists must include a price list for any work being sold and/or a timeline and detailed description for any performances or demonstrations.

Booth and Display

  • Each artist must provide their own white tent with white sides, display and equipment. Exceptions to siding may be made for sculpture.
  • Booths must fit within a 10’x10’ area (for exceptions up to 10’x12’, please write to us).
  • Booths will be located on the concrete pad at the North Library entrance and the grass area along the path south of Boulder Creek.
  • The location of your booth is at the discretion of JLF Colorado.
  • Exhibitors must provide weights to secure tents to flat paved area.
  • All parts of the display must fit within the limits of the assigned area.
  • Artist is responsible for keeping their assigned area clean and will not attach anything to the Civic Area structures or vegetation.
  • Tents, canopies, tables, and chairs are not provided with your booth space.
  • Please note these are outdoor booths without access to electrical outlets.
  • Each artist must set up in their pre-assigned location that will be confirmed in advance and at check-in by the JLF staff.
Not Allowed Onsite:
  • shipping or receiving of materials
  • sidewalk chalk
  • Distribution of food or drink without necessary city permits
  • All artists must follow Boulder Fire Marshall Safety Rules & Regulations including no hazardous materials, open flames, cooking demonstrations.
  • All artists are responsible for providing a fire extinguisher for their booths.
  • We will have some security patrol on site, but please note that JLF cannot guarantee the safety of your belongings and is not liable for theft or damage. We strongly recommend artists plan ahead and do not leave their setups overnight.
  • All artists must properly dispose of waste in accordance with the Zero Waste policies detailed on the following page.
  • Artist cannot display material depicting explicit violence or sexual conduct. JLF Colorado will be the final arbiters on the appropriateness of artwork.
  • Art not juried into the show, will be asked to be taken from the display.

Schedule and Security

Setup start at 7am 9/24 & 9/25 – Must call onsite contact upon arrival.

  • Ready to go by 9am 9/24 & 9/25
  • Take down begins at 7pm on 9/24 & 9/25
  • Load-in – takedown location- Pending, likely Canyon Parking lot ● Artists must be present during all art festival hours 9:00am — 6pm Saturday and 9:30am – 5pm Sunday, except for a short break given by volunteers.
  • Artists are responsible for proper insurance and protection of their work and display items, including display booth. JLF Colorado, Teamwork Arts, or the City of Boulder will not be responsible for damage due to weather or unrelated incidents.
  • Artist will be responsible for transporting work to and from the show on time. While the utmost care will be taken in handling all entries, neither JLF Colorado, the City of Boulder, nor any sponsor assumes responsibility for loss or damage. We suggest all artists wishing to protect artwork insure their entries independently.
  • A parking pass is not included. There is public metered parking available in the Library’s Canyon and Arapahoe lots and in nearby parking garages. There is also street parking a few blocks away on Arapahoe. City Parking Garages are free on weekends. City lots and metered spaces are free on Sunday.
  • JLF Colorado reserves the right to remove any exhibitor, without refund, who is not in compliance with the above stated rules and eligibility.

Check List

Before you e-mail in your application, be sure you have included everything!

  • Exhibitor Application completed and signed
  • Exhibitor Information and Agreement and Release of Liability completed & signed
  • Application and Fee $30.00 due by September 12th
  • 3 or more photos of your original work you will exhibit and sell
  • 3 or more photos of how your booth and table display will look
  • Late Application Fee (applicants applying after September 12th): $50.00

Zero Waste Policy

JLF is proud to be a Zero Waste event! The goal at a Zero Waste event is to only distribute materials that are locally recyclable or compostable and to sort as much of our generated waste into the compost and recycle collection bins as possible. Artist and exhibitors at JLF are key to the success of our Zero Waste efforts and will be held to the following guidelines.

Acceptable Materials
  • Paper products including flyers, brochures, programs, etc. that are at least 30% post-consumer recycled.
  • Paper-based cups, plates and bowls.
  • Unpackaged, reusable promotional materials that are reusable (pens, key chains, etc.)

Since artist booths are NOT allowed to distribute food or drinks, we’ve left out the details on those products. If you’d like to see the full list of Zero Waste approved materials, contact us and we’ll send it your way.

Unacceptable Materials:
  • Neon, fluorescent, goldenrod, and dark-colored paper or Kraft envelopes
  • Styrofoam containers, paper containers with plastic liner, or compostable corn-based cups
  • Individually packaged foods
  • Aluminum foil, glass or plastic packaging or utensils of any kind including cellophane or Mylar

JLF@Boulder : Artist and Exhibitor Application Form

Application Form

JLF @ Boulder : Artist and Exhibitor Application Form
Application Form

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