Creation and Destruction, Art, Politics and the Worlds of Islam

Molly Crabapple in conversation with William Dalrymple ‘My father always told me to question authority and be interesting,’ states artist and author Molly Crabapple during her conversation with William Dalrymple at ZEE JLF at Boulder, Colorado. ‘Interesting’ would be an understated adjective to describe the experiences Crabapple has lived and depicted through her drawings and… Read more »

The Meaning of Everything

Simon Winchester in conversation with William Dalrymple Simon Winchester is the right person to discuss the “Theory of Everything”, seeing that his books all approach the most mammoth of subjects in enterprise. Very significant amongst them has been a set of historical biographies that tells the story of the writing of the Oxford English Dictionary…. Read more »

ZEE JLF at Boulder 2018 Inaugural Session

Imagining Our Worlds   Among the most unique events that make living in Colorado, a delight through the fall season is ZEE JLF at Boulder. Hailed as “the greatest literary show on Earth,” it earns this claim by bringing internationally accomplished authors to give talks and make presentations about what constitutes the most useful component… Read more »