Okay, I am happy to admit it up-front: before I was invited to attend the Jaipur Literature Festival – JLF – (note: not ‘literary’, not ‘writers’) in India I had never even heard of it. I assumed that it was probably some modest local event, spiced up a little by bringing in some foreign authors to add… Read more »

Full Disclosure

Rajdeep Sardesai in conversation with Madhu Trehan Presented by Dainik Bhaskar If a journalist tells you a story, be prepared for a surprising one!   Keeping up with the festival’s reputation for political engagement, senior journalist, author and news anchor RajdeepSardesaiengaged in a passionate discussion about the changing nature of journalism in India,with MadhuTrehan, co-founder… Read more »

Jaipur Music Stage

Roohani Sisters and Indian Ocean   Hotel Clarks Amer On the second evening of the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival, Sufi-singing siblings, the Roohani Sisters, made the crowd tap their feet to their stirring qawwali. The chilly weather had little effect on the crowd that hummed along to popular hits like Dama dam mast qalandar. “Music… Read more »

Tea Time for the Traditionally Built

Alexander McCall Smith in conversation with Bee Rowlatt You don’t have to comb through the archives to know that Bee Rowlatt was right when she said “I don’t think the words ‘The priest and I got into the bulldozer’ have ever been said at the Jaipur Literature Festival”. But that’s just the turn things take… Read more »

Festival Directors’ Roundtable

Ahdaf Soueif, AjitBaral, AjitPradhan, Anant Vijay, AnvitaPradhan, Cherilyn Parsons, David McWilliams, Emmanuel Delloye, Geoffrey Taylor, Isabelle Delloye, Jane McCredie, JanhaviPrasada, JayapriyaVasudevan, Juergen Boos, Marieke Hardy, Mary Therese Kurkalang, MeenakshiAlimchandani, Mita Kapur, NamitaDevidayal, NamitaGokhale, Neelesh Misra, NirupamaKotru, Oliver Møystad, Omar Robert Hamilton, Pariksith Singh, Paul McVeigh, Pravin Sharma, Preeti Gill, Raghav Chandra, RimaHooja, Sabin Iqbal, Sian… Read more »

Jaipur Music Stage

Usha Uthup, and Jasbir Jassi in collaboration with Kutle Khan Following a day of spirited discussion, debate, and deliberation, literati from around the world made their way to the Jaipur Music Stage. They were in for a treat as famed songstress Usha Uthup, singer Jasbir Jassi, and Kutle Khan of the Kutle Khan Project took… Read more »

Indies v/s Giants

Anna Solding, Jeremy Trevathan and Karthika V.K. in conversation with Jaya Bhattacharji Rose, with keynote by Vera Michalski-Hoffmann JBM Jharokha In the game of publishing, who has the upper-hand- David, or Goliath? This contentious question was debated at an intimate session that invited many anecdotes, serious introspection, and plenty of laughter. Keynote speaker Vera Michalski-Hoffmann,… Read more »

The Yuva Ekta Foundation

Boundaries: Understanding and Redefining Safe Spaces TheYuva Ekta Foundation returns to the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival, as part of its strong commitment to community outreach, bringing its transformational magic to the children and young people across Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. This year’s workshop theme is Boundaries: Understanding and Redefining Safe Spaces. Managing Trustee Puneeta Roy… Read more »

Poems on the Road by Walking Bookfairs

Poetry readings by Akhil Katyal, Sohini Basak, R. Cheran and Ulrike Almut Sandig, introduced by Akshaya Bahibala and Satabdi Mishra Introduction by Satabdi Mitra (Courtyard- no walls, no barriers, poetry on the move, open sky, symbolism in spirit) Trip ends in Bhubhaneshwar . Recitation- Hindi- Ek din kibaathai “Lohekinau sad hasta huadin ,kaun din tumtakpahuncha”… Read more »

I Believe in Music

Usha Uthup in conversation with Sanjoy K. Roy presented by RED FM, Women Uninterrupted Series   “Music is not my business, communication is,” announced iconic singer Usha Uthup to the packed audience on the Nexa Front Laws on a cloudy Thursday afternoon. From the responding cheers and recurring applause from the crowds, it was amply… Read more »