ZEE JLF@The British Library Anita Anand and William Dalrymple, introduced by Susan Stronge Multiple murders, treache

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Hyphenations: Of Poets, Cultures and Continents

ZEE JLF@The British Library Daljit Nagra and Guillermo Rodríguez in conversation with Arundhathi Subramaniam Acclai

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Victoria and Abdul

ZEE JLF@The British Library Stephen Frears in conversation with Shrabani Basu, introduced by Patrick French ZEE JLF@

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India Votes: The Craft of Indian Politics

ZEE JLF@The British Library Ornit Shani and Mukulika Banerjee in conversation with Ajoy Bose In this engaging sessio

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Migrant Words

ZEE JLF@The British Library James Joyce wrote the greatest of Dublin novels in Trieste, while American poet TS Eliot

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The Genetics of Skin

ZEE JLF@The British Library Sharad Paul introduced by Nayanika Mahtani TAKING up tango could help in the battle agai

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Ten South Asian Treasures of the British Library

ZEE JLF@The British Library Antonia Moon, John Falconer, Layli Uddin, Malini Roy, Nur Sobers-Kjan and Ursula Sims-Willi

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The Unsuitable Boy

ZEE JLF@The British Library Karan Johar in conversation with Rachel Dwyer Karan Johar, one of Bollywood’s most fam

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Freedom to Dream: Inaugural Address

ZEE JLF@The British Library Namita Gokhale, William Dalrymple, Sanjoy K. Roy, Neeraj Dhingra, Jamie Andrews, Mr YK Sinh

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Hyphenations: Of Poets, Cultures, and Continents

ZEE JLF@The British Library An idea developed in the United States some time between the 1890s and the 1920s of a hyp

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The Dishonorable Company

By Shristri Choudhari, Official ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger As the world becomes increasingly globalised w

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Interview with Jim Mallison, the Sadhu-Academic

By Jules Evans, ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival Guest Blogger   Dr Jim Mallison is unique among British academic

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