Shruti Sonal

My Poetry Is A Battle Cry

I have been told countless number of times, That my poetry doesn't rhyme anymore It doesn't have any fixed metre or rh

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Medhavi Dhyani


If their power erected sky high on the foundations of oppression and injustice is the iron they will shamelessly r

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Kaja runwal

Clean Slates

I think of being a mother sometimes. Of nurturing humans like they were tender saplings. Plenty of sunlight and enou

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Kaamna Jain

Will the 21st century see the end of gender identity?

Gender identity is not going away anytime soon as we women struggle to match up to standards set by our mothers. Snakin

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Hemal Thakker

Eco-centrism over Ego-centrism: The Mahatma’s Motto

Mahatma Gandhi, a timeless leader who paved way for a revolution, which rattled an empire by the way of truth and humili

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Ishan Kawley

There is no such thing as nature - we are nature

Does talking about ‘the environment’ create an unhelpful distinction between people and planet?” Sometime aroun

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Bishweshwar Das

Biswa: A Cowboy’s Tale / Tail

Biswa is a good Indian boy, a fifteen year old with dreamy eyes and straight yet unruly hair parted exactly in the mi

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Bhavika Bhuwalka

Will the 21st century see the end of gender identity?

This question amuses me. When did gender identity acquire a negative connotation? Perhaps, because gender identity is in

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Atish kumar padha- 1

Democracy and Orangutans: A reality

You are animals, purposeless and afraid, In a vertical jungle, of steel-glass trees. You are fish, fragile and fat In

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Archita Mittra (3)


we burn bleed sing drown dream as ourselves as others as victims as martyrs as enemies sometimes as trees we brea

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Anju Chandna


When Charles Darwin coined the theory of evolution little did he know that in times to come this adage would come back t

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Writing Assam_Chandrica Barua

Writing Assam

I The wind blows free despite being bound in abstractions and contrarieties. I marvel at the freedom of the wind, caugh

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