IDEA OF INDIA PART 3 – Aryavarta and the Idea of a Glorious Past

It is a common feature of human societies to venerate particular periods of their history. Almost all major cultures hark back to some Golden Age, when their ancestors lived as physical, mental, and moral exemplars of their society’s core values. For many devout Hindus in India today, that Golden Age was the Vedic era, which… Read more »


The major theme of this session was the recent rise of national parties in regional elections. Swapan Dasgupta argued that a successful political party is one that blends national concerns with local issues.According to Dasgupta, the BJP’s victory in recent elections in Assam, India, is significant because Assam is a gateway locale to north-eastern India. He argued that… Read more »


If you want to be accurate to the point of being pedantic; the idea of India began 70 million years ago when a chunk of the Earth’s crust broke off from the southern supercontinent of Gondwanaland and moved rapidly (by plate tectonic standards) towards Eurasia, colliding around 50 million years ago to create the Himalaya… Read more »

Choices And Freedoms: Dr Amartya Sen In Conversation With John Makinson

A jam-packed audience at Diggi Palace Hotel applauded wildly as Noble Laureate Dr Amartya Sen took to the stage at the seventh ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival. The session proved to be a fascinating journey into Dr Sen’s life and learnings, his thoughts on social choices, the workings and consequences of democracy. The atmosphere was one of collective elation, as one… Read more »