Outreach Play at 1:40pm, Sunday 22 Jan, JLF 2017


(Outside Durbar Hall, Diggi Palace)


The Yuva Ekta Foundation brings to you its interactive performance titled ‘Freedom to Dream: Sapnon Ki Udaan’, that has travelled across this city, finally making its way to the Festival Grounds tomorrow, Sunday, January 22, 2016. What started as a journey in Jayshree Periwal High School 10 days ago, has been to 6 schools in this city and aims to reach across to audiences far and beyond into the streets and communities of Jaipur. 54 young people will be participating in the performance.

Each year, the Yuva Ekta Foundation aims to work on relevant social issues using Social Arts as a tool to bring together young minds from different socio-economic backgrounds. This year we have participants from 5 NGOs across Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh and 7 schools in Jaipur who have been exploring the theme ‘Freedom to Dream’ through intensive theatre workshops and interactive discussions.

This performance has spread its wings in this city, growing steadily and stimulating young minds to think about issues that surround them. Asking questions and looking for solutions beyond their immediate self has been at the forefront of this effort.

It is an honour to perform at a festival that has been celebrating the idea of freedom of expression for over a decade now. We hope to capture audiences and invite them to enter the world of their dreams, engaging them, inspiring them and hoping for a positive social change.



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