Epoch-defining events like the French Revolution or the American Civil War have always inspired literature. The Partition of India in 1947 is no exception. The Partition divided India into two nation states for Muslims and Hindus: the Dominion of Pakistan and the Union of India. It was described by Lord Mountbatten as β€˜one of the… Read more »

A Revolution is Brewing

This was a high-octane discussion about the revolution of gender identity and equity that is shaking the foundations of established patriarchy worldwide. The panel of women, who hail from various spheres of feminine thought, discussed the roots of this revolution in mythology and delved into themes of female marginalisation and emancipation, sexual exploration, and the… Read more »

Justice – What Is The Right Thing To Do? Michael Sandel Introduced By Maya Jasanoff

Does Sachin Tendulkar deserve to make the 22 million USD that he makes? Is it right for a university to overlook merit in favour of caste? Should women have reserved seats in Lok sabha? What is the right thing to do? Who deserves what? These were some of the questions that made for a highly… Read more »