What is the role of the worker when their work is done by AI

Probably we are tapping the zeitgeist when it comes to comfort and convenience that isdata driven and analytical. Probably intelligence will cease to be a characterizing and distinguished human trait. Probably intelligence itself will convert most human beings into artificial existence. Probably in no time our limbs will become useless beyond fingers. One thing for sure,… Read more »


I will be convinced that technology is a Frankenstein’s monster the day I send a kiss to a loved one through a rubber pad, as the Kissenger promises to facilitate. But I will perhaps also be a grateful user of this technology, which adds a tactile element to the aural communication of the telephone, and… Read more »

Behold the Artificial Intelligence Revolution!

Once upon a time, there was a city. The supermarkets, malls and factories were packed with workers. But there wasn’t a single human in sight. Is this a possible scenario? Well, we are certainly embarking on a journey that might lead there. Earlier this year, at the Google I/O conference, there were a number of… Read more »

What is the role of the workers when their work is done by AI?

Artificial Intelligence captures our imagination because it’s the stuff of childhood fantasy stories – cars that can drive themselves, machines that can talk to us, robots that can substitute for teachers or nurses. It’s exciting because it’s what the future looked like in 20th century movies, and here we are, alive and breathing in the… Read more »